2 hateful bosses.

by Katie

I worked at a *name removed* store for 3 1/2 months, and I had this fake two-faced boss from hell, whom hated me since day one. She would talk down to me like I was a stupid kid, kept saying how fat I was and shouldn't be wearing anything black and force me to do stuff I couldn't do. She would always put me down and even cut my pay after confronting her the first time. She had sidekick, whom was just as bad, but knew how to talk her way out of things. They tried everything to get rid of me by making up ridiculous things like, I didn't fold the shirts in a certain way, or I was hitting on the male customers or I kept giving them attitude, anything that came to their minds. One day, they called me into their offices during my lunch break, and they made up another story about my boyfriend at that time and I making out in the bathroom and me performing a lewd act. I tried to defend myself by telling them it never happened. They kept badgering me with lie after lie about it, and again I would say it wasn't true. They didn't seem to care, and suspended me for a week with no pay. Feeling defeated, I started to cry, and one of them said that I was weak, and the other made an evil smile, like she was so happy that she finally "got rid of me". A week later, I came back and did my work as usual with no problems. Until the head boss saw me and gave me the most evil look possible and slammed her office door. I ignored it, and continued with my work. They would harass me weeks after that.

Then the day, I was one of many that got laid off from the company, due to budget cuts. The head boss called me into her office, and told me with a big smile on her face. Fed up with her constant hatred towards me and harassment, I finally got my time to confront the devil incarnate, telling her that she could go f-- herself and go to hell. I called human resources and filed a complaint on those two. I had a VERY hard time finding a job after that because I had to put down the company's name and supervisors. They would tell the hiring manager that I wasn't professional and was a horrible worker, and would perform lewd acts to every guy there.

Few months after that, I heard through the grapevine that those 2 evil women got canned because they treated everyone like crap, and got so many complaints about them. So, I wasn't the only one. To this day, I still don't know why they hated me so much, that they tried to ruin my life. They were just plain AWFUL!

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I don't believe you.
by: Anonymous

I was starting to sympathize with you until I read this. "They would tell the hiring manager that I wasn't professional and was a horrible worker, and would perform lewd acts to every guy there". Now I don't believe you. 1st. HOW do you know that they said that? Did the hiring manager tell you? 2nd. Any employer who would say those things in a job reference, is potentially leaving themselves open to a huge liable & slander lawsuit. I can't believe that they would be to blatantly ignorant & or stupid. If you can prove what you said, you should contact an attorney because you'd have a large & easy lawsuit.

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However, I want people to be able to post here without the fear of being bullied. I will not allow commentors to bully the writers. This is a place for healing, and venting.... and I hope that the commentors will add something positive to help these employees move forward with better tools to deal with these situations in the future.

I'm not going to delete this comment because it does stop short of calling the writer a liar, but please understand that I would prefer comments to be constructive and helpful. If you can't add something constructive because you don't believe the writer, move on to a different story... or share your own.

I value each visitor and the internet is a very wild place these days, I really want each visitor to feel safe here. Please help me maintain that when you consider what comments you would like to add to any submission.

Thank you,
Jill R.

Re: I don't believe you.
by: The writer of this article.

Replying to your response, the hiring manager at the place I applied at did tell me what one of those horrible animals said to them, (to this day, I don't know who it was).

I have since moved on from that bad time. I just wanted to share my story on here. That's all.

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