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Stress Free Living: Discover and Love Hypnosis
August 04, 2009

New Tools for Your Stress
Management Toolbox

August 2009 - Issue #008: Discover and Love Hypnosis

This issue of the Stress Free Living ezine will feature a new layout, new tools, and new products. Itís an exciting time for as we continue to grow and learn to help you live a less stressful life. As youíll see below, this issue now offers a table of contents. These clickable links will allow you to get a quick glance of what is included in this issue and will take you directly to the section youíre most interested in.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the Stress Free Living ezine!

Best Wishes,
Jill R.

"Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life. " ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

In This Issue...

1. Introduction to Hypnosis E-Course is Here!

2. Feature Story Submission

3. Product Review: Aromatherapy Patches

4. In Case You Missed It

5. All About You

Welcome to the Stress Free Living Ezine!

The Introduction to Hypnosis E-Course is Here!

When I talk about hypnosis with people, their responses range anywhere from skeptical to scared. And from my own personal experience, Iíve learned that not only is there nothing to be afraid of, but hypnosis is a quite natural experience that can help you achieve some pretty big goals in life.

So to help you understand hypnosis better I designed a 6 part e-course which will teach you why you should care about and even fall in love with hypnosis.

With this FREE E-Course Youíll Learn:

  • What to expect during a hypnosis session
  • How to find out if your insurance covers hypnosis
  • One-on-one sessions with a professional vs. Recorded Audios
  • How to know if youíre ready for hypnosis
  • What prevents people from seeing results and how you can avoid these roadblocks
  • Find out what YOU can use hypnosis for

Once you sign up for this FREE e-course, you will receive Part 1 shortly. Then you will continue to receive a new email for the next 5 days. Each email course contains new information that will help you understand hypnosis so that you wonít be afraid to try it.

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Be on the lookout for new e-courses coming your way! As a subscriber of the Stress Free Living ezine you have the advantage of being one of the first to try out new courses as they become available.

Feature Story

As youíll learn in the Introduction to Hypnosis E-Course, there are many uses for hypnosis. Recently Andre from Quebec shared his first-hand experience on how versatile hypnosis can beÖ

Hypnosis And Birth... Best Alternative To An Epidural!

by Andre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

My wife and I took a self-hypnosis class given by a local (yet world class) family doctor, who only follows expectant mothers now because the demand is so high!

She is a certified hypnotherapist as well, and has developed her own self-hypnosis program called...

Click here to read the full story as well as leave comments!

I want to thank Andre for sharing his story with us and congratulations on the baby!

Donít forget to submit your own stories and tips today to have the chance for your story to be featured next month!

Product Review: Aromatherapy Patches

Recently I discovered the super cool Aromatherapy Patches which I just had to try for myself. These patches are soaked in essential oils and emit the perfect aroma for stress relief, relief from aches and pains, energy, relief from coughs and colds, sleep aid, concentration, or skin care and itch relief.

I ordered the Naturopatch Bergamot which is for stress relief. Since theyíre only $15 (for a set of ten patches) I figured it would be worth a try.

I received my order within a few days (which was fantastic since Iím very impatient) and they arrived in an adorable tin. I immediately took one out and put it on. You place them on the upper front of your shoulderÖ my only guess about the reason for this is because itís close enough for you to be able to smell it because the aroma is fairly light. My husband was unable to smell it when I was wearing it, yet I was continually catching whiffs of the extremely pleasant scent all day long.

Iím actually pretty sensitive to smells and tend to get migraines easily from perfumes or really anything that is too strong. The aroma of this product was perfect. It was very relaxing with just the right amount of potency.

My other initial concern was that because I have sensitive skin, I was worried that it might cause irritation. You can leave each patch on for 24 hours at a timeÖ so thatís what I did. I even slept with it on. To my complete surprise, there was no irritation. No redness, itchiness, or any other sign for that matter. It even came off quite easily and didnít pull like a band-aid would.

I also gave one of the patches to a friend to try. Sheís skeptical about everything so I was curious to find out what she thought. The day after she tried it, she asked if she could have another one! She loved it just as much as I did and now we keep them on hand at all times.

The only down side of this product is the cost of shipping. It is shipped via UPS (which is why it arrived so quickly) and therefore costs a little bit more than I was expecting. The price is calculated based on your location, and for me it was $8.50. However, I also discovered that even if I ordered one of every kind of patch, the shipping would still be the same. So next time I plan on ordering more than one to make the price of shipping seem more appropriate (this product is currently only available for shipping in the U.S. and Canada).

All-in-all I found this product to be amazing and worth every penny. It is discreet aromatherapy on-the-go! Now I canít wait to try each variety. And if you can stand to part with it, these would make the perfect gift for the stressed-out person in your life!

For more information on this product and to see every variety available, click on this Naturopatch Aromatherapy link.


In Case You Missed ItÖ

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All About You

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And thanks again to Andre for sharing his story with us!

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Jill R.

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