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Stress Free Living: Is your family stressed?
September 08, 2010

Discover and Share Stress Tips!

September 2010 - Issue #021: Is your family stressed?

Welcome to the September 2010 issue of Stress Free Living!

As usual, this month (and especially the past week) has been very busy with a lot of exciting things happening on the site! This issue is full of great resources that the whole family can use to educate themselves about stress and how to relieve it as well as information on how you can easily share all of this helpful information with those that you’re connected to. In fact, this issue is so full, don’t be surprised if you can’t read it all in one sitting :)

I hope you enjoy this issue of the Stress Free Living ezine!


“Stress is the trash of modern life - we all generate it but if you don't dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.”
~ Terri Guillemets

In This Issue...

1. End of Summer Blues: Is your family stressed?

2. Featured Submission: My Secret on how to Manage Stress

3. We Should Connect!

4. In Case You Missed It

5. All About You

Welcome to the
Stress Free Living Ezine!

End of Summer Blues: Is your family stressed?

As the warm and beautiful weather ends and the school year begins again, stress can quickly begin to increase for everyone in your family. Not only are the children facing new and different challenges, but parents are as well. And this is an important time to pay close attention to each member of your family and recognize any signs and symptoms of stress so that you can be pro-active in finding ways to relieve it!

(This goes for your pets as well so be sure to read the story of Kai and Patches later on in this ezine to find out how important it is to recognize stress in your pets and ideas for taking action to relieve it!)

Some parents feel stress over sending their young children off to school for the first time, while others feel the stress of trying to find the funds to cover the cost of sending their older children to college.

Children may feel the stress of social and peer pressures and/or the stress of getting along with teachers and juggling homework and maybe even after-school jobs or activities.

Frankly, it can all be a bit overwhelming!

But have no fear! No matter what your family’s situation, has a lot of different resources and articles to help guide you in the right direction so that you can help your family make a smooth transition into whatever phase of life they’re experiencing.

Check out these recommended articles and resources:

Dealing with Family Stress - Learning how to deal with family stress isn't about them... it's about YOU.

Stressed Parents - Learn to Re-Think, Re-Group, and Re-Prioritize!

Stress Management for Teens - Learn how to deal with a stressed out teen.

Read and Share Your Tips for Stressed Out Parents!

And Finally, my friend Annie Desantis is an incredibly gifted Parenting Coach who just launched an AMAZING course for parents who want/need to acquire the knowledge and skills to help their children discover the keys to many life skills that can help them deal with stress effectively.

About Annie’s course:

Super Skills 4 Kids

This inspiring home study course is a compendium of skills that will set kids up for life!

  • Is your child empowered to solve problems?
  • Do you want to inspire your child to achieve their dreams?
  • Do you want them to be independent and creatively solve problems?
  • Does your child have strategies to deal with issues constructively?
Let's face it, we all want confident, successful, self assured young people, but it's not always easy being a parent and trying to empower our children.

Super Skills 4 Kids is one of the most comprehensive programs on goal setting, problem solving and vision building for children. Just the toolbox alone, contains many valuable resources, and the course comes with a comprehensive Workbook, plus many exciting bonuses from our Partners.

“I love empowering and inspiring parents, but it is much more rewarding to see children learning skills that will set them up for life.” - Parent Coach, Annie Desantis

Click here to find out more about Super Skills 4 Kids

I have had a chance to review this course and I was impressed at how much I was able to take away even for myself. So don’t let the info here fool you, it can definitely benefit adults as much as it can children!

Have a safe, fun, and “less stressful” school year!

Featured Submission

This months' featured submission is from Terri in response to: Tips and Stories for Stressed Out Parents

My Secret on How to Manage Stress
by Terri David, Michigan, USA

Working away, transporting kids, fixing meals, family commitments. Sometimes I just find myself running in so many different directions that I forget where I am going.

The other day, I was sharing with a friend of mine how hard it was to lose weight even though I was doing all the right things. She shared back, “well, you know stress can make it difficult for your body to lose weight.”

I knew that! But, I had forgotten.

The secret for me to manage stress is to remember to breathe. I hadn't been breathing lately. I learned long ago that I forget to breathe when too much is going on in my life with being a parent, wife, and entrepreneur and I am stressed out.

Why just the other day a salesperson came over our house and she didn’t breathe. Well, she did, just not much (how else would she still be alive). But the whole time she was with us, I just wanted to yell out—BREATHE!

The Hawaiians have a name for people who don’t breathe “Haoles”. They knew how important the breath is and how it can not only help our stress level decrease but keep us in better health by getting more oxygen into our bodies.

So take a deep breath and feel the tensions disappear. Get the kids to take a deep breath too. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Sometimes it can be. Other times if that doesn’t work for you, maybe it’s time to learn a bit more about breathing and meditation.

Taking that time to focus totally on yourself, your breath and your relaxation can be invigorating and healthier.

Terri from:

I'd like to thank Terri for sharing her story with us! Click here to see this submission online (including a great picture of her kids) and to leave her comments!

Click here to share your own Tips and Stories for Stressed Out Parents

We Should Connect!

As the internet continues to grow and grow, so do our relationships. Where we once only had friends that we had met within our community, we now have friends all over the world that we may never meet at all. For me, this is very exciting! I love meeting new people and I enjoy hearing about all of the different things that go on in the lives of different people around the world.

As a visitor to my website,, and a subscriber of this ezine, I’m particularly interested in getting to know and connecting with YOU. So for those of you that have hopped on board the “social networking” train, let’s connect!

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In Case You Missed It...

A LOT has happened at within the past week and if you aren’t subscribed to the site blog RSS feed, you’ve probably missed an amazingly exciting fund raiser… but even though we’ve reached our goal and raised the funds we needed, the story is far from over! In fact, the best part is just about to happen and I can’t wait!

Click here to get all caught up on the story of Kai and Patches

Did you see this story in the news?

"Detroit is the most stressed out city in America" plus, see the top 50 most stressed out metro cities in America. Is yours on the list?

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The site blog was just named a 2010 Top Stress Blog!

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