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Stress Free Living: How to Survive the Holidays
December 01, 2009

Holiday Stress Tips

December 2009 - Issue #012: How to Survive the Holidays

Welcome to the December issue of Stress Free Living! As 2009 comes to an end, many of us will be busy with holiday preparations, parties, and gatherings. So as promised in last month’s issue, this month I’ll share with you my top tips for dealing with holiday stress.

You can also look forward to some exciting additions to which will be announced right here in this issue for the first time.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the Stress Free Living ezine!

Wishing you a happy (and stress free) holiday season,

“What comes out of you can only be what's inside, just as an orange can only produce orange juice. If you're filled with fear, anger or hatred, that's what will come out of you when you are "squeezed" or stressed.”.
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

In This Issue...

1. Holiday Stress Tips

2. Feature Story Submission

3. Exciting Announcement: New additions to

4. In Case You Missed It

5. All About You

Welcome to the
Stress Free Living Ezine!

Holiday Stress Tips

One of the keys to avoiding Holiday Stress is preparation. Since it's already December 1st, it's time to get moving! To avoid the stress of last minute plans and holiday shopping crowds, here are a few things you may want to put on your to-do list for the next week:

  • Complete your holiday travel plans. If you'll be traveling, be sure to make your arrangements as soon as possible. For those of you who haven't decided yet... now's the time!

  • Complete your gift shopping. I always suggest that you start shopping for gifts as early in the year as possible. By collecting them over time, you'll not only save the stress from holiday crowds, you'll also save yourself some financial stress and pressure. However, if you haven't started yet... just be sure you don't wait until the last minute.

  • Plan meals. If you'll be cooking, plan in advance and have recipes ready so that you can complete your shopping list. Because now is also the time to go ahead and purchase any groceries that you'll need to prepare your meals. Some perishable foods will have to wait a bit longer... but by making a list, you'll know what you've already purchased and what you will still need to purchase.

  • Do your laundry. If you're having guests stay with you for the holidays, be sure to have extra towels, blankets, and sheets ready to go.

Here are some ways you can prepare for dealing with your stress once it begins:

  • If you're traveling, prepare an exit strategy. Your exit strategy may be a 10 minute walk in the neighborhood park, or volunteering to make a last minute run to the grocery store (because not everyone will be as prepared as you). And you can use that time to compose yourself, breathe deeply, and remind yourself that it will all be over soon.

  • If you're staying in a hotel, plan to stay somewhere that has an indoor hot tub or exercise room. After the day's events are over, have someplace to go and unwind.

  • If you're hosting, when the kitchen gets too small, and everyone has been overtaken by holiday stress, take a break together. Announce to everyone that it's time to cool off... "we're all going for a walk". Or have some other activity prepared for that moment. Allow everyone to recharge their batteries. You could also start a snowman building contest, or even a snowball fight if you have snow in your area... just be careful who you aim for.

  • If people are staying overnight in your home, plan evening activities. Pull out your board games to get the whole family involved and laughing.

If you've got any great holiday stress tips, I'd love to hear them! Just reply to this email and your tips could end up featured in future issues of the Stress Free Living ezine!

Feature Story Submission

This month our feature story submission is from… YOU.

Oh, you haven’t submitted your story yet? Well here’s your chance! As the holidays approach, there’s bound to be a great moment where Grandpa loses his dentures in the salad… or when your mother-in-law invites your husband’s ex-fiance over for Christmas dinner… okay, that’s not so great, but we want to hear the good, the bad, the ugly, and especially the funny.

As the gatherings begin to heat up, I hope that you’re paying attention… take notes if you have to. I’ll be right here waiting for your holiday stories.

When you’re ready, submit your stories by clicking here.

You’ll be directed to the submission form for Funny Christmas Stories. However…

Don’t be fooled by the heading Funny Christmas Stories. While I am definitely looking forward to those, I am also looking for all types of holiday stories. You never know… your story submission may be featured right here next month!

Click here to submit your story.

Exciting Announcement: New additions to

According to recent surveys, two thirds of Americans say that they are likely to seek help for stress. was created to help as many people as possible through all the information on the site, the e-courses, and of course this ezine. However, sometimes it’s tough to find ways to really get un-stuck and begin living the less stressful life that you’ve always wanted to.

So for those who want a more personalized experience to finally make those big changes in their lives, will continue to grow, change, and offer new products and services. This month, I have two new big announcements to make…

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The Workbook is available at a special discounted price until January 31, 2010.

However, because you are valued members of the family, as subscribers to this ezine, I am also offering you an additional $10.00 off of the sale price which is also good until 01/31/10. To receive your additional discount, simply enter the code COAWBV4 when purchasing the Workbook.

Also note, the Stressful Lives Stress Management Workbook is free when you purchase a monthly coaching package. See the Stress Coaching page for full details.

I look forward to helping you live a less stressful life.

In Case You Missed It...

If you have questions about stress or stress management, you can now ask them online! Your questions will be answered by me, your Certified Stress Management Coach, as well as by others who visit the site.

Click here to submit your questions today.

Important Information About

As you may or may not be aware of, as of December 1, 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has made some big changes to their regulations that will help to improve your online buying experiences.

As a website owner, I am required to notify you when I receive compensation for recommending products or services. For me personally, this is a great change. I believe that this will help to build trust and credibility with the website owners and bloggers that are worthy of your trust.

To help explain how is operating and how we receive income to stay afloat, I've created a new page for you with all of the details. Please see the link below and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me:

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And Finally...

I need your help!

Below is a link to a short survey to get your feedback on the Stress Free Living ezine. If you're willing to take the time to complete this brief survey, you'll get a free copy of the Stressful Lives Mini-Guide to Foods That Fight Stress which will help you discover some great tasty foods that can help you relax and relieve your stress as my Thank You gift to you!

You may want to add them to your holiday meal plans to give everyone a little extra stress busting boost!

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Thank you!

All About You

I'd love to hear from You!

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