Ashtanga Yoga Poses

Ashtanga Yoga Poses: Not for the faint of heart

Not much relieves stress the way a really good, serious workout does. With yoga, there are so many different types and styles that you can start at whatever level you are comfortable with. If you're looking for a physically athletic workout, combined with techniques that will improver your overall well-being, then Ashtanga Yoga may be for you.

This type of yoga is very physically demanding and will have you working up a serious sweat. It involves synchronizing breath and movement. The movements (asanas) are continuous and become increasingly difficult.

Unlike other types of yoga, this one follows a very specific set of poses in a specific order and links each movement to breath.

I have to be honest, I couldn't do it but I wish I could. The poses involved are elaborate and difficult, but the reward is all in the benefits that this great workout will bring you.

As you move through the exercises, they will create intense heat causing you to sweat profusely. This will help to detoxify your body and improve your circulation, flexibility, and stamina. It will also bring you a sense of peace and calm... and I would imagine it would also bring a good sense of accomplishment!

It is also believed to bring great clarity and understanding of oneself and ones personality and place in the world.

If you're looking for a hot, sweaty workout that will absolutely bust through your stress, Ashtanga Yoga might just be for you. If you're interested in trying it, start out with this Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners DVD with Nicki Doane icon.

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Good Luck :)

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Please Note: While yoga is a great exercise and can bring improvements to your health and well being, it isn't right for everyone. Doing the exercises incorrectly can cause injury and you should never push yourself if it doesn't feel right. As always, be sure to get your Doctor's approval before beginning this or any exercise program.

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