Aug 2010: Fund raising & Sleepovers

by Jill R.

Mr. Kai

Mr. Kai

Mr. Kai Patches goes for a ride! Kai relaxes

The original story was written the morning of Friday, August 27th 2010 and the fund raiser began...

These updates start during the week of fund raising and the over-night visit and then continue beyond:

Friday, Aug 27th, 2010 @ noon:

(At this point, we had raised $75!)

"Jeeze guys! I'm overwhelmed by the support! I haven't even gotten any pictures or video up yet to entice you into loving these pups as much as I do :) You are amazing!"

Saturday, Aug 28th, 2010 @ 10am:

(This is the day of the over-night visit and I was scheduled to pick them up after my noon shift)

"I'm so excited and can't wait to pick up the pups for our overnight play-date! As soon as I can, I'll get some pics & video up so you can see the wonderful doggies that you are supporting! Thanks again :)"

Saturday, Aug 28th, 2010 @ 7pm:

"We're having lots of fun and my husband & Patches have become best friends! It's really cute! All the pups have had lots of play time, gone on a walk together, and even ate dinner peacefully. It's been so worth it and these dogs definitely deserve REAL beds! Please help!"

Sunday, Aug 29th, 2010 @ 7pm:

"I dropped Kai & Patches back off early this morning around 7:30am. It was a LOT harder to let them go than I even imagined it would be. Gunner (my pit) and Kai slept cuddled up to my husband and I in the bed and Patches chose to sleep in Gunner's doggy bed (I think my husband was secretly disappointed). They were very well behaved during their visit with us and I'm even more convinced that these good dogs deserve to have their own beds to sleep on. So today has been a long, exhausting, and emotional day so the video is coming together a little slower than I would have liked BUT you will definitely get to see video of these two very soon! Thanks again for all the support! Trust me when I tell you that Kai & Patches definitely deserve it!"

The Video

"Okay, I must apologize in advance. Apparently I completely dismissed all of my video-making skills and most of what was taken was unusable and ended up on the cutting-room floor. However, you will see Kai and Gunner being the perfect, quiet gentlemen that they are, and Patches being... well, Patches :)"

Monday, Aug 30th, 2010 @ 7pm:

"I'm feeling very excited and emotional... we're at $180 and only need to raise another $20 to reach our goal! These pups will have their beds much sooner than I anticipated and I'm so grateful! Thank You!"

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by: Dave

The last bit of that video where they all sit in unison for their treats is pretty cool.

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