Bad Boss

by Tired Nurse
(New York, New York)

I work in a hospital. If we make a mistake, she displays our names and what we did real big on the wall in the hallways so all of the nurses, doctors, and anyone who walks by can see it. She refuses to scan ER patients during the day because she feels all ER patients are not STAT. She refuses to scan in patients during the day because she says they are too time consuming. She has the department scanning add on out patients before ER patients.

She writes emails back to me in CAPS when she is upset (yes, I have a few emails saved from her using her CAPS). She post patients names and medical record numbers in the hallway and says it is not a HIPAA violation (and it is).

I work night shift and she feels I should pick up all of the hours the other night tech calls off (even after I worked Fri-Sun 12 hours on a weekend) and there are call techs that are supposed to do that (why do the techs carry pagers anyways)? I work night shift yet, she scheduled out patients on weekends I am off and expects me to stay after working my 12 hour night shift for 5 more hours to scan patients in the morning. I could go on but my hands are tired...

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Go to HR NEW
by: Tony

This is a case for HR, as clearly this person understands nothing about avoiding demotivation. Try talking to her first - but don't try too hard, just sufficiently to tell HR you tried to talk with her but got nowhere.

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