Bad boss/food director

by Carolyn Pratt

I have worked for the school system 27 years (that's in years since I'm part-time only about 15 years). I was transferred to another school in 1999 because the other school was torn down. I was head hostess for the breakfast and lunch program at present middle school. Everyone liked me had no complaints.

Went to work everyday. We had four lunch periods until last year. Then last year around July another company took over. In Sept of this year, even though we worked at the same place, we had to be hired in with this company. This director probably has been with us around 6 or 7 years.

Well last year (2010) he wrote me up for poor performance. He found faults and lied about everything on me. I fought back and human resource helped me. Recently he came in on the 14th of November and said he is going to transfer me to another school because I am not firm enough to work at this bigger school. So he said I could be hostess at this smaller school with extra hours. I said I'm happy with the 4 hours I'm getting here and I'm not taking it. He said, well you had not shown up here for work. The school that he wanted to send me to, their hostess took my place which I think is a set up.

If after 12 years I can't do my job at the Middle School, why would he put me doing the same thing at this other school? I think it's a set up and I've tried everything.

I went to a doctor and got a medical. It has put a toll on my family. He's a bad director and very controlling.

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