Balance Ball Chair Review

Product Review: Balance Ball Chair

Balance Balls are commonly used in exercise to help strengthen and tone among other things. It has also been discovered that they are excellent chairs as they can help to strengthen your core and improve your posture. They’re also great for people who have issues with back pain when sitting (as I do).

After seeing this odd looking wonder, I couldn’t resist… I had to purchase one for myself and try it out! Maintaining good posture and core strength can help you reduce pain do to stress and stiffness and can help you to breathe deeper and easier. I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk at work and at my desk at home and have struggled to find a good office chair, so I figured I’d give this a try.

When my Balance Ball Chair arrived, I was so excited and started putting it together right away. It comes with a manual air pump for the ball and was very easy to put together. Very easy. I really wanted purple, but I bought green because it would match my home office better. Down side: It smelled funny for the first few days due to the rubber in the ball.

After my first few hours of sitting on it, I could actually feel some soreness in my inner thighs… an area that is tough for many women to target. I didn’t expect that, but I thought… yippee! I haven’t really noticed that since, but maybe I’ve gotten used to it and so it’s not as much of a workout for me to remain balanced atop the chair as it must have been in the beginning.

Speaking of balancing atop the chair, it is quite comfortable… and even though I had some soreness in my inner thighs after using it, I never felt like I was “working out” while I was sitting on it. At first, you do have to get used to it and find your balance… but it’s not like you’re going to fall off or anything… unless you’re terribly clumsy or un-coordinated… which now that I think about it, if that’s the case I wonder why I haven’t fallen off yet?

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So I guess maybe the safest thing to do is clear a path while you’re getting used to it in case you fall off. Although, that’s probably not necessary for the average person… I didn’t see that warning anywhere in the instructions.

In addition to the pump that comes with the chair, a user guide is also included which gives very specific instructions (with illustrations) on how you can use your Balance Ball Chair to exercise and stretch. Pretty cool.

Because I have a bad back, and because I know that I feel better mind and body when I exercise, I try to do it regularly. However, I have to do my exercising in the privacy of my own home when no one is around… I guess I’m afraid that I look silly. Anyway, something that I’ve learned is that if I don’t switch up my routines occasionally, not only do they seem to become less effective but they also become boring which increases the chance that I’ll skip my next workout. Not good.

So I became intrigued by this Balance Ball I’m now sitting on… before I got this chair, I had never really used one to “work-out” with and to be honest, I wouldn’t have known how. And now that the "Chair System" comes with exercise DVDs and I know how to use the ball for work-outs as well, I'm even more in love.

Check out the video below on the importance of a good office chair:

My verdict on the Balance Ball Chair:

Totally Awesome!

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