Boss and HR

by Meshell

My boss was someone who claimed she was a Christian. I have never had someone treat me so bad and she could not be a Christian! If I was talking she would always interrupt me. This would happen when I was on the phone with customers or sales reps. The reps would call me to help because they did not like her. She was always rude to them and would not help them or return their calls.

She would always play favorites with others in my department. One of them was always online and asking me for help. I told her that he was doing this and she said that she never saw him doing it. He would do this 75% of the day.

She would come in late, talk to her friends in our department and other departments for 2 to 3 hours in the morning about, American Idol, Jenny Craig, and whatever, then leave early.

She never acknowledged my accomplishments and always gave me ok performance reviews. When I would ask questions she would never help me and would look at me like I was dumb. Other departments would tell me she did play favorites and I was not one of them. So I turned her into HR and the HR lady was only in the office once a week. She had no idea what was going on. When I set up a meeting with her she said that I had made some mistakes and the reps complained about me. She said she would work with my boss to help me.

So I'm human and we all make mistakes. The reps were always sending emails to my boss and her boss telling them what a great job I was doing for them. HR did not investigate what she was doing and they put me on 30 days notice. She did not talk to me all month. After the month was over a week later she put me on another 30 days notice. I was so unhappy and was feeling sick every day when I came to work. I did make a mistake one day and just walked out and have not been back. Went to my doctor that day crying and did not know how I made it to her office. My blood pressure was very high and she put me on disability. God was watching over me that day.

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