Coaching, using all kinds of skills that I have accumulated in 80 years and making really good money at it.

by Helen Heubi
(Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada)

Helen Allen Heubi is now 80 years of age, and standing at the edge of a cliff hesitating to make the leap of faith that shows belief in herself. Perhaps her niche is multi-talented people. Talent fascinates and procrastinates this woman, who earned a Ph.D. in Therapeutic Counseling three years ago.

Helen started coaching at age 12 with David in Grade Two. What a joy to see his little freckled face light up when she met him out shopping. She went on tutoring throughout high school and university, and helped Roger ace a Latin exam, although she had forgotten Latin. Noam, Mark, Jaimie beat the system and got into medical school, forestry faculty, music. She enjoyed the challenge of teaching English as a second language to blind adult immigrants.
She claims she "screwed up royally as a classroom teacher" except for the odd moment of fun.

Helen has always loved to sing with others and direct choirs and small ensembles. She has a collection of folk songs in various languages and is now embarking on a project to get more and more music about trees, water, birds and natural beauty into concert repertoires. She has reviewed many shows and concerts and is all keyed up to do more when the summer theatre season begins at the Gravenhurst Opera House, where she was a featured speaker last summer on the 50+ lifestyles.

Lately she learned how to hypnotize to help people travel in time, overcome disabilities (stroke survivors) and so on. A total "language nut", she is fluent in French and German and could manage nicely in a Spanish-speaking country if she ever went to one.

Her book, Birch and Pine Whisper His Name - A Tribute to Sri Sathya Sai Baba was self-published in 2007 and was considered her doctoral thesis by the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences.

Despite what could be a frightening downturn in her financial situation, Helen's immediate purpose is to walk her own talk about living an abundant, vibrant life now, every minute of every day. In a period of six weeks she has decreased the "bad" cholesterol on her medical chart without taking any statins, but simply in applying hypnosis, and doing more research on all possible ways of feeling safe, accepted, loved and warmly welcome. She welcomes people into her life who vibrate on high, loving levels.

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