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by Pam
(Northern California)

Andy & Pam

Andy & Pam

How can you search for a passion when you are drowning in stress?

When the recession hit, my husband and I lost $40,000 in the stock market, and $300,000 in ONE real estate investment. The worst of it was, we still owned that real estate investment (motel), and it was sucking us dry every month with no end in sight. My husband couldn't sleep at night, and I was doing my best to keep things positive. Since we are in real estate we had made many investments over the years, but never one like this. Finally we sold it with the final loss at about $300k.

The good news in all that is, with the stroke of a pen (sale), we went from a $4000 negative on that investment, to a $4000 income each month (we carried the financing to sell it). It seemed crazy, because we had to gather all the money we had to make it happen, but it was the best thing we ever did (regarding the motel).

Then their was the loss of all my husband's family over the last few years. His parents and 102 yr old uncle. Although they had a long healthy life, we still needed to help them out of this life. My husband being an only child, we were the only ones to handle it all. His mom and dad lived in about 15 different places, including ours, during those last years (about 4 years ago now).

Anyway, my husband and I do very, very well TOGETHER under stressful conditions. Even better then when we're not stressed. Kinda weird.

Fast forwarding to now:

I was one of those people that asked that passion question of others, until I had a family and of course the business of real estate and investing. Then they became my passion, and any personal interest fell by the wayside.

20 years later, the kids are grown and my husband is pursuing his passions, and I forgot what my passions were.

I knew I loved being in business and owning SOME businesses (not motel). I knew I loved editing home movies for my family and friends. I knew I loved creating and sewing clothes. I knew I loved to paint (acrylics). I loved baking extreme cakes and having great parties. Since I had built a couple of websites for our businesses and loved it, I knew I loved website building.

I put all these passions together, and started building a new website around that. I'm having a lot of fun.

Not to say I don't still have stress, but it's much more manageable. I'm using many of the techniques here at "Ourstressfullives", to assist me. I've used Yoga, Pilates, meditation & prayer in the past, but it looks like there are many more options. I look forward to trying them out.

Thank you for listening.

Pam from

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