Creating Happiness

Learning, Finding, and Creating Happiness

Can you really make yourself happy? Sure you can.

Some people claim that happiness only comes naturally and that if you seek to create it, then you'll never truly be happy. I disagree.

The reason I disagree is because I once went in search of happiness... and I found it. Not only did I find it, but I've been able to hold onto it.

So how do you go about creating happiness where there is none... or very little?

True happiness comes from within. I always say that the definition of happiness is "inner peace". You won't find it by winning the lottery or by becoming thinner. You'll find it by seeking out ways to bring more peace and enjoyment into your life.

creating happiness

The very first place to start is with stress management. Often we're unhappy due to our reactions and our thoughts on the things that happen around us and in our lives.

Read this article on the Causes of Stress for more detail on this fact. Truly understanding it will change your life.

When you begin to change your perspectives and find ways to manage stress effectively, you'll be in a great position to begin to create more happiness in your life.

The next thing to do is to figure out what kinds of things make you feel peace and joy inside. Again, this is not about material things or feeding our egos. This is about the things that make us who we are.

Are you an animal lover? Spend more time with your pet or find ways to spend more time with animals. It's a proven fact that spending time with animals can reduce stress and increase happiness.

Click here to be directed to to read their article on how to Create Happiness in One Step.

Do you have a hobby that makes you feel relaxed, creative, or fulfilled that you've long sense abandoned? By forgetting about these things that feed your soul, you're nearly ensuring a difficult fight to find happiness and fulfillment. So go out and pick up that old hobby that you buried long ago.

In addition to adding in activities that bring you true joy, it's important to also eliminate those that break you down... as much as possible. We'll always have to do things in life we don't enjoy, but many of us keep schedules that are too busy, do things that aren't really necessary, and have trouble saying "no" to others.

Learning how to cut out activities that drain you and making more time for those that feed your hopes and dreams is a sure fire way to begin creating happiness.

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