Creative Writing Ideas:
You're Stressful Life

Creative writing ideas discovered within your own life.

I occasionally hear people talk about finding the "silver lining" in all situations. Those people used to make me cringe with their overly positive outlooks on life. But the truth is, if you look for it, many times a very negative or stressful situation can bring positive lessons in our lives. And let's face it, tough times make great stories. So why not turn your stressful situations into creative writing ideas?

Writing about your tough times can prove to be cathartic for several reasons. When you let your thoughts flow freely, writing in itself can be a stress reducing exercise. Then when you add the benefit of writing about your stressful life, you may begin to feel better by "letting it out".

creative writing ideas

It's nearly impossible to find a story that doesn't involve some type of stressful situation for at least one of its characters.

Drama, sadness, relationship problems, etc. are always desired in a great story. Therefore, if you are experiencing these types of things in your life, you already have the best creative writing ideas right in front of you.

Anything can become a story. You can take your creative writing ideas and turn them into a short story or even a novel. The choice is yours, because the main goal here is to find ways to cope with stress, not make your life more stressful.

I've learned from my own experience, and the experience of others, that turning stressful situations into inspirational or motivational stories is one of the best ways to overcome personal hardship.

You may consider sharing your stories with others. You may find that your very own creative writing ideas morph into something that can bring hope or guidance to others in the form of inspirational stories. Or, you may decide that your stories are for your eyes only. Either way, the benefits are only limited by your imagination.

The easiest way to get started is to get started.

When you write what you know, the words flow much easier than if you were trying to write about something you know little about. Your own personal experiences and thoughts will be more powerful on paper if you write while it's fresh in your mind.

So let it out and start writing.

If you are facing writers block, begin with a list, or start with your New Years Resolutions. Make a list of topics that are currently on your mind or that you've dealt with recently.

Once you have a few good ideas, it's best to just start writing. Your grammar doesn't need to be perfect. Just write. If you want to share your stories with others, you can always go back through and make changes later.

If you use a journal, this is another way to find your creative writing ideas.

Read through your journal. Pick up any words, phrases, or events that spark your imagination. You can even take exactly what you've already written in your journal and simply expand on it. Any writing that you do, based on your stressful subjects, will make you feel better and can be turned into an amazing story.

Remember, you have two goals here. The first is to channel your stress into writing to simply relieve stress and make yourself feel better. The second is to learn to turn your stress into a story that can be inspirational, motivational, or even funny. Once you accomplish this goal, I can promise that your stressful life will have a whole new meaning and can be turned into a very positive experience.

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