Cure Animal Cancer

by Shelly Cordill
(Kansas City, KS)

My boy, Clyde

My boy, Clyde

My best friend, Clyde, died of cancer in January 2009. I had only found out two weeks before he was taken from me. What would I change? EVERYTHING!!! The cost to find out WHAT type killed my precious boy. There were three to choose from. Couldn't afford to find out, I was and still am unemployed. Why aren't our best friends important, too?

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Animal Lover
by: Jill R.


Thanks for your submission. I'm a huge animal lover too... so while I couldn't see myself doing that for a living, I do hope that there are people out there who have a passion for helping animals and are working to find cures for animal cancer as well as other diseases.

I know there are options for pet insurance out there that you might look into. I don't know much about it so I'm not sure how useful it is or what it covers, but just a thought!

In my home our pets are part of our family so I can definitely identify with your loss.

Best Wishes,
Jill R.

by: Michaela

Hi Shelly,

I'm assuming since you wrote this as an answer to "What would you do for a living if you could do anything" that you would be interested in actually working to cure animal cancer.

I also noticed that you said you're currently unemployed. Maybe this is the right time to take steps towards that dream? Even if you didn't go quite that far, there are so many careers or even volunteer opportunities that involve working with animals. Doing something like that may help you with your grieving and also could be a tribute to you dog.

Hang in there!!

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