Definition of Happiness

The Definition of Happiness... What is Happiness anyway?

Happiness can be defined as the state of being happy. Being joyful or content.

Being happy is something that everyone strives for, yet many still do not have any idea of how to attain it. But being happy and attaining happiness is easier than one might think. It has nothing or very little to do with life circumstances or the situations we face along the way... but it has everything to do with how we feel about and how we handle the things that life brings us. Good or bad.

The question "what is happiness?" can only be answered by YOU. Each individual will have their own definition or idea of what happiness is. But if you look at people who are truly and authentically happy, you'll notice that no matter how different their definition is, they all achieve it in the same sort of ways.

definition of happiness

Only you know what happiness is to you. And when you are truly happy, you'll know it. It's a feeling of contentment and joy that only true inner peace can bring.

Therefore, I personally define happiness as "inner peace".

That definition might help you to better understand how you go about attaining your goal of "being happy" or "becoming happy". Start with finding peace within yourself. One way to do that is through effective stress management.

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Learning how to manage the difficulties in life will bring you leaps and bounds closer to your goal of happiness and inner peace.

In addition, maintaining a positive attitude and thinking positive and "happy" thoughts can also have a large impact on re-directing your thoughts away from negativity. Begin by defining your own idea of happiness... what makes you happy? And share it here with your recipe for happiness.

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