DIY Spa Treatments for
Natural Stress Relief

DIY spa treatments are one of the most fun ways to relieve stress and I've discovered one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to treat yourself to luxurious relaxation in your own home.

When I'm stressed, sometimes all I need to feel better is a bit of rest and relaxation... and while I would love to go to the spa and get a massage or a facial, it's just not within my budget. So I went in search of ways to re-create that experience at home, and I've found a gem!

The book Naturally Skinsational by Sue Dolan is a skincare recipe book filled to the brim with recipes (using easy to find ingredients from your own kitchen, garden, or supermarket) for all your skincare needs... including everything you would need for your DIY Spa Treatments!

I've become completely addicted to this book and I've tried many of the recipes inside. My favorite is a Moisturizing Honey Wash. And even though it's something that I made (in less than 2 minutes) in my own kitchen, it's by far one of the most luxurious products I've ever used on my skin.

If you're looking for fun ways to relieve stress and don't want to spend a lot of money, DYI Spa Treatments are the way to go!

Call up your girlfriends or spend a quiet evening alone mixing up some of the most amazing facial treatments for natural stress relief.

I may not be Oprah Winfrey, but this book is one of my favorite things! Click on the link below to pick up your copy or to buy one as a gift for the stressed out woman in your life!

Naturally Skinsational

Still not sure? I created a video for YouTube which includes a demonstration of one of my favorite recipes from Sue.... Check it out below! And no laughing, please :)

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