Doggie heaven at Pittwater, Sydney

by Lesley
(Western Sydney)

Tanya and Jessie enjoying a paddle

Tanya and Jessie enjoying a paddle

Tanya and Jessie enjoying a paddle A look of joy on Tanya's face.  I shall always remember her like that! A few friends at doggie heaven.

There is nothing quite like a visit to Rowlands Reserve Dog park at Pittwater for reducing the stress levels. You forget all your worries as you watch the sheer joy of all the dogs having the absolute time of their life.

I brought my three dogs with me from Spain to Australia when I moved here. My parents were living near Pittwater and introduced us to the place. We all thought we had died and gone to doggie heaven.

I've only got Jessie now, the black one, but we still go regularly to the park and its worth it to see the look of absolute joy on her face. We live in the bush and she loves her walks there, but swimming just lights up her life.

Its hard not to be infected by the sheer exhuberance and joie de vivre of a park full of 50 - 100 dogs having a whale of a time!

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