Done with being abused!!!

by Mary
(Midwest U,S.A.)

I work for the world's most unethical boss, and am in the process of lining up a better job. This guy is a class-A, 100% jerk. He has changed people's pay and hours without their consent, and is being investigated by the labor department. He made one girl stay at work with CONTAGIOUS strep throat and visible pus in her throat.

He has intimidated employees under numerous circumstances. He threatened my job because my car broke down on the way to work, was in the shop, and I was having trouble trying to get a ride or get my shift covered. He refused to file accident reports when another employee and I were each injured on the job...he gave us burn cream and bandages for second degree burns.

He does not pay the difference between tipped wage and minimum wage when the tips aren't there. He also encourages adding gratuity for people of certain national origins, but forbids us from adding it for his "friends." He is a demeaning, passive-aggressive personality, and is more interested in his bottom line than in keeping his employees happy. He also has cameras everywhere, and watches them on his computer and iPhone constantly. He is a freak and a crook and a conniving pig, and I can't wait to give him my notice and walk out the door.

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