Effective Stress Management

Anyone who struggles with stress needs to find and practice effective stress management. The key word is "effective"; meaning it works! And if you have read the section on symptoms of stress, then it should be clear why effective stress management is so important.

Your life could depend on it and your quality of life certainly does.

So how do you find the right tool for you? The fact that you are on this website researching ways to manage your stress means that you are already moving in the right direction.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

If you spend time and energy reading different books, researching different things, and ultimately finding yourself trying lots of different types of stress management activities, you will quickly realize that not everything will work for you. However, the key is to keep looking, researching, and expanding your knowledge until you find something that does work... that is effective.

If you are using a stress management journal, that is a perfect place to record what has been effective and what has not.

effective stress management

What is the alternative to finding Effective Stress Management?

Well, being miserable, of course! I know that there are some people who seem to like being miserable, or worse, some people who think they don't deserve to be happy. These people tend to think they are worthless and will sabotage their own efforts at finding any relief.

If you are one of those people, realize that you, and only you, get to decide whether or not you deserve to be happy. So here is your chance to decide once and for all that you DO deserve to be happy and you DO deserve to learn how to effectively manage your stress. Or, you can simply decide that you are not worth it and there is no point in reading the rest of this page.

The only one deciding that you don't have the right to be happy is you. So if you're ready, we'll move on...

What are the different types of Effective Stress Management?

That is not exactly an easy question. There are many, many different things that people use to manage their stress... and ultimately, it can vary widely from person to person. So below is a very incomplete list of different kinds of stress management tools:

Do you see how this list could go on and on? Anything that makes you feel better and less stressed can be your Effective Stress Management tool.

Click here to check out Medicinenet.com's tips for effective stress management.

But you have to engage and participate.

The one constant in all of these activities is that they are activities. Even if you choose to listen to music to relieve stress, you are actively choosing something and also have to take the time to do it for it to make a difference.

The things I want you to remember and understand about Effective Stress Management is that it can be whatever you want it to be but it must meet two criteria:

  • It must be effective. Meaning, when you participate in this "thing" it must actually work in relieving your stress.
  • You must actively participate in the activity for it to be effective. No excuses here. If you don't do it, it won't be effective.

You are the only one who can decide that you're ready to be happy and live a less stressful life.

It will take some effort to find the one thing or group of things that give you effective stress management. But once you find the right things for you, your life will transform before your eyes every single time you engage in managing your stress. And you are worth it!

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