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If you're familiar with Essential Oils, this is the place to share your own personal blends and recipes with others as well learn some new ones from others.

essential oil recipes

Part of the fun in Aromatherpy is creating Essential Oil Recipes! Use what you learn form the "Stressful Lives Guide to Aromatherapy" to create an Essential Oil blend to help you relieve stress, relieve depression, get relief from a cold or the flu, or even to re-energize! The possibilities are practically endless... which is what makes it so much fun.

essential oil recipes

When you share your recipe it will be displayed on its own page where others will be able to leave you comments. Some submissions will even be featured in an issue of the Stress Free Living ezine!

Share Your Recipe!

With all of the amazing benefits of Aromatherapy and the endless possibilities that can come from blending Essential Oils... creating our own recipes is not only fun but therapeutic. We'd love to hear how you use your oils to extract the benefits!

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