Excercise and Relaxation

by Elda Tessadori

My whippets and I

My whippets and I

I am a happy whippet owner and over the years with my dogs I learned from them to exercise and relax.

My morning walk with my whippets is the best start for the day. It sets my mind and body in motion and gets me ready for whatever the new day will bring.

I don’t even have to jog or make it too intense, my whippets do all the running and it is a joy to watch them.

With my elder whippet we were getting a little lazy but since a new puppy arrived in our life I lost quite a lot of weight and I am working my way into my old jeans. Now, this is happiness!

And what about relaxation? Whippets are true meditation masters. After a good run they can lay on their favorite sofa without stirring for hours at length. I find that there is nothing as relaxing as lounging on the couch with your whippets.

Adding the TV to the setting can solve even the most stubborn cases of insomnia.

Elda Tessadori
Owner of www.thewhippet.net/whippet-dog.html

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You're so right!
by: Jill R.


You are on the money with the reasons that these dogs are great for stress relief. They count on us to take care of them and therefore we're forced to exercise even when we don't want to... which is fantastic for stress relief and the waist line :)

Your babies are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Jill R.

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