Exercise and Stress Go Hand-In-Hand

How are exercise and stress related? Studies have proven, and I have learned from personal experience, that exercise can help relieve stress. The Mayo Clinic has great information on how it works.

I know that when you are stressed out, exercising can sometimes be the last thing you want to do. A lot of us are stressed because our lives are jam-packed with so many other obligations, and finding time for ourselves is difficult.

But don't let yourself make too many excuses.

When I find myself resistant to try or participate in activities that I know will help me, I often ask myself why. Why wouldn't I want to do something that I know will help? Usually the answer is because I would rather be miserable.

However, I hate that answer. It irritates me when I realize that I would rather complain and be stressed out than do anything about it... that realization will usually shake me up enough to get moving. So...

What can you do to bring exercise and stress together?

exercise and stress

Make it fun and do something you enjoy.

I can't stress that enough (no pun intended). Exercising doesn't mean you have to do 100 sit-ups or run five miles. Any exercise can help relieve stress.

Here are some examples:

  • Swimming
  • Walking (You can do this anywhere. A lot of people do it on their lunch break at work)
  • Tennis
  • Horseback Riding
  • Yoga
  • Kick-Boxing
  • Play with your kids

You can also follow this link to another website to check out some really great fitness tips that I've found helpful.

Talk with your physician... make sure you get the go-ahead before trying any new exercise. And while you're there, talk to him/her about your stress and symptoms.

You can use any type of exercise to help relieve your stress. And if you make it fun, it won't be hard to make exercise a part of your life. Get into the routine of exercising frequently and you may find yourself facing stress less often.

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Do you exercise to relieve stress?

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What is your favorite activity for exercise and stress relief?

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