February 2011 - The Next Chapter

by Jill R.

Sunday, February 13th 2011

Well... we're in the home stretch! We're entering our last few weeks with Mr. Kai and Ms. Patches. We're so anxious and excited about their reunion with their family. Their mother has honorably served our country and we appreciate her so much for that... and we are thankful that she's allowed us to share our time with her pups over the last year while she was gone.

It's hard to put into words what this time has meant for all of us except to say... Best Year Ever!

So to sum it up, I'll just share with you a little tiny bit of what we've been able to experience...


While Kai is definitely more camera shy than Patches, he's much more vocal than she is. If given the option, Kai would always prefer to be with the humans he loves. And he's definitely not shy about letting you know. He'll bark and bark and bark until you give him the hugs and kisses that he has most definitely earned.

And his hugs... oh, his hugs. They're legendary around the Kennel.

Kai has such a gentle way of jumping up, wrapping his legs around your waist, and then using his head and his body to press in... just like a real hug. And I'm sorry, but my description just can't do it justice. I wish everyone in the world could experience love like that.

And he's also great with other dogs... because when it comes to other dogs, he minds his own business. Except when it comes to his sister, Patches. He loves her so much that it's almost impossible to describe.

When she's bleeding, he'll stay up all night licking her wounds. When she was tucked away in a separate kennel to rest while her leg healed... he was lost without her. He doesn't mind other dogs but he doesn't really pay any sort of attention to them either.

All Kai wants is for you to love him. And then, after you love him, he wants you to re-assure him and cuddle with him and hug him and kiss him. But don't let his sweet loving nature fool you... Patches isn't the only one who's naughty :)

Kai never gets into any real trouble. But his "rebel" side likes to push the limits when playtime is over and it's time to go back to his kennel. And honestly, who can blame him? But here's the best part... when Kai is naughty, he knows he's being naughty... and he even has a special dance for those moments.

I call it his "Naughty Dance"!

He sort of wiggles his butt from side to side and prances with his little feet. It's his best manipulation tool. Because who can be mad at the naughty dance? Not me, that's for sure!

Dogs like Kai... Dogs like Kai change the world.


If you look at Patches and only see a Pit Bull or her "tough boy" act, you're totally missing the point and missing out. Patches has so much more to her than her tough exterior, her loud snorting-ish growl/bark sound, and her sometimes not-so-tolerant-of-other-dogs attitude. All that is just her fun side :)

But inside, Patches is quite sensitive... she just doesn't want you to know it. But if you pay attention to the look in her eyes as you walk away... you'll see it.

While Kai is more vocal, Patches sits in the background and takes it all in. She pays very close attention to all of the things that happen around her and whether anyone realizes it or not, she pays very close attention to those who pay close attention to her.

She loves to play "bodyguard" in the yard when she thinks other dogs are annoying her people. She'll run from all the way in the back of the yard, do a quick body block to knock the other dog back away from her person, give a quick glance at you over her shoulder... and then run back off on her merry way.

She's also very helpful inside as well. At times when she was being naughty and had to be removed from the yard, she'd come inside and walk around with us as we check each kennel for clean bedding and fresh water. And she's always looking at you to make sure she meets your approval.

But again... if you only saw her "tough boy" act, you probably wouldn't notice. Too bad. Because every time she gets in trouble, she feels bad. You can see it if you pay attention to the look in her eyes.

And when her feelings are hurt, you can tell by the way she won't look you in the eye... and she'll turn her head if you try to give her a kiss.

But just as her interior isn't all about being tough, neither is her tough little exterior. She has these cute little bat ears that stick up and out when she's curious. Her belly is completely smooth and hairless (which is kinda weird) and she becomes practically see-through when wet :)

And yeah, I'll admit it... Patches sometimes is a tough boy... she even likes to lift her leg and pee like one to prove it!

Dogs like Patches... Dogs like Patches change the world.

And that, my friends... is just a little tiny bit of what we experienced over the last year.

So now as we cherish the time we had, we look forward with excitement as they return to where they were always meant to be... home with their family.

Thank you Kai & Patches for the
Best Year Ever!

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by: Carrie

I can't believe it's already time YIPPEE!!

I have loved hearing the updates and still waiting for some of those vidoes you promised. haha.

Such a great way to say "Good bye" actuallly brought me to tears! such good dogs.

Thank you for letting us share this with you. Just shows how powerful animals can be in our lives if we let them.

good dogs
by: Marj

Hi Jill. Been following along and loved the stories.

I don't know anything about pitbulls but this Patches character sounds like a precious little thing.

Give Kai a big hug for all of us.


by: Todd

My dog gets stressed too when he has to go to the kennel and he is only there for 2 or 3 days.

I can't imagine how stressed and unhappy he would be if he had to be there for as long as these guys have.

I would just hope that the workers would care as much as you all do and pay attention to make sure that they don't become so stressed that they lose a piece of themself.

Hats off to you! Thanks for helping people AND their pets relieve stress. These stories of Kai and Patches have actually made me pay more attention to Toby -my dog- and to how he's feeling.

I notice now how when I'm feeling stressed he usually becomes stressed too and when he's feeling stressed I get stressed too. I never made that connection before so these stories have helped us a lot.

Great for them to be going home. And welcome home Mom!


Gone :)
by: Jill R.

On March 2nd, Kai and Patches went home.

I was there to see them off and was able to spend a little over an hour alone with the two of them before they went home.

Patches spent most of that time sitting on my lap. She's not very good at showing her emotions and so the times that she is "clingy" are the times that you know she really cares.

Kai was amazing as always. I got lots of hugs and kisses and he's never shy about letting me know how he feels.

It was an amazing hour for me. And as soon as their dad showed up and they realized that it was finally their turn to go home... it was really, really awesome. And you'll probably be surprised to learn that there were absolutely zero tears! No words can describe how badly I'll miss them, but I there was no way that I could cry knowing that they were going to be so happy.

I'll miss them but I'm so, so happy that their turn finally came :)

Thank you again K&P for making this past year the Best Ever!

Jill & Gunner

Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!
by: Wanda S.

Hi Jill,

I haven't checked in on this site in quite a while and for some reason all of a sudden I thought about about Kai and Patches and wondered if they were able to go home yet. I'm so happy to read that they were finally able to go home!! This just makes my day! Thank God for you Jill. You have been an absolute angel for those two wonderful doggies. Thanks again for everything you did for Kai and Patches and thanks so much for letting all of us read along.

Thank YOU
by: Jill R.


Thank YOU for all of the support & for following along on this wild ride.

It's funny how easy it was for me to say Goodbye without tears yet now it's hard to think of them without getting choked up :)

Not out of sadness... just out of how powerful of a force they were in my life for a wonderful year. I miss them like crazy!

I guess that's why the videos weren't completed. It's hard for me to look at them as I'm still missing them. And these are the LUCKY ones who have a home and a family.... imagine what a wreck I'd be if I worked with animals that didn't have homes! :)

It makes me sad for people who are unable to open their hearts to see how great animals can be for us.


P.S. Between Kai and Patches and my own boy (Gunner), they have all inspired a second website! You can find me HERE and THERE....



They're coming baaaack!!!
by: Jill R.

I received the best news ever today!!

Mr. Kai and Miss Patches will be back at the kennel by the end of next week! But they'll only be there for about 10ish days, so they won't have to worry about their momma too much this time.

I'm beyond excited to see them... I hope they remember me :)

Jill R.

Posted July 13, 2011

: )
by: Wanda

Awwww, give them both a great big smooch and butt scratchy for me. And I'm sure they'll remember you!!

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