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Many companies will bury this information in hard to find places making it difficult for you to discover, much less understand. But that’s not how I want to be treated, so that’s not how I’ll treat my visitors. I’m proud of the way I run my business and therefore, have no use for hiding the details.

Here are the policies that relate to the running of this site:

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Disclosure Policy

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Disclosure Policy

Have you ever wondered how I’m able to provide so much information for free? stays up and running in several ways. We may receive compensation from advertising links, product promotions and reviews, as well as from products and services. When you purchase products using the links on this site, we may receive a small commission that helps to support the running of this website to ensure that will be around for years to come and will be able to continue providing as much free information and support as possible to our visitors.

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About my Recommendations

Rest assured that any recommendation provided on this website is made because I believe that the product or service is a good value and can be beneficial in your quest for a less stressful life. For the most part, each product and service has been personally tested by the owner of this site and the recommendations and reviews are a product of the personal experience of the website owner. Occasionally, there will be products or services recommended that are based on the information provided from people that are trusted friends, family, or associates of may make a small commission from the sale of some of these items. However, there are others that we receive nothing from other than the satisfaction of passing on a great product, service, or information on to you.

In addition, many of the products and services recommended on this site are those that I personally sought out to try or have used personally for some time. When I find a product I believe in, I then pass along the information to my visitors who are looking for products or services to enhance their stress relief efforts. In the event that I am approached to review a product or given a product in exchange for a review, this will be disclosed within the product review.

Your Trust is Important

Maintaining your trust and providing you with helpful information and valuable products and services is more important to me than making a quick buck. I understand that your time and money are valuable and wouldn’t want you to waste your resources on something that is not valuable to your search for a less stressful life. I have turned down opportunities to advertise products that did not meet my standards and have refused to exchange links with many advertisers as well as other websites... and I will continue to do so.

I will never recommend a product or service that I know nothing about or don’t believe in. I value my visitors and customers and will always put value of information and product above profit.

With that being said, you will often see advertising links from Google. While we do make a small commission from these advertisements, generally speaking, I have no knowledge of these specific products or services. However, the goal is that through their complex systems, Google will be able to provide advertisements that are relative to stress management and may be of assistance to you.


The information and advice provided on this website and in conjunction with any products and services I offer on this site are subject to my own opinions, experiences, research, and training as a Certified Stress Management Coach. This information should never be used to substitute your own judgment or the advice given to you from your personal health care professional.

Each individual who visits this site or otherwise obtains information presented by is responsible for his/her own actions and decisions regarding the information presented.


If you have any questions about any of the specific products or services on this site, including whether or not we receive any compensation from them, please contact me.

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Last Updated: October 13, 2010

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