Fired for saving her *ss.

by ning

My boss fired me for extreme mood. I really tried but really its hard to work for someone who can't remember anything!

She had chemo-therapy last year so now she has anemia. She doesn't remember anything from yesterday. I put up with that and I follow up her ineffective leadership. What she don't remember, I kindly remind her. What she forget to do, I follow up behind her.

But suddenly her symptoms became worse! One day she can't remember what she did 5 minutes ago and it was during time with a client. It's protocol for a client to sign a paper before proceeding anything but my boss keeps forgetting to have the client sign it. So I went my way and made the client sign it.

My boss wasn't happy cause I went my way. She really can't remember!!! So I lost it and argued with her and stopped listening to her and so she fired me. Thank god its not my professional job and that it's only my "kill some time" job but now I just feel sorry for anyone who works there.

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