Gift Buying

by May
(KC, MO)

My New Years Resolution is to be better at purchasing birthday & Christmas presents throughout the year so that I won't be overwhelmed trying to purchase a bunch of gifts last minute.

This past Christmas I ended up waiting so long that I just threw a few dollars into some cards and mailed them out to my nieces & nephews! They're young enough that they would much prefer a gift (even an inexpensive one) to money. It's the thrill of opening presents and having something that they can immediately touch and play with.

So I hit the after Christmas sales and purchased several Christmas gifts for the kids as well as some of my adult relatives at a bargain and tucked them away in the back of the closet! And since then I also spotted another great deal for a toy that one of my nieces would love for her birthday which is coming up in a few months... previously I wouldn't have even thought about looking for a gift until the week of the event and then I end up with nothing, or spending more than I had planned. It's just a stressful mess!

So this year I'm going to do it different and I'm happy to report that so far I've done really well and many of my Christmas gifts are already purchased!

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Great Resolution!
by: Jill R.


Buying gifts throughout the year is one of my top tips for preventing holiday stress so this makes a fantastic resolution! And how great that you've already gotten such a good start.

Keep it up and don't forget to update us throughout the year.

Good Luck,
Jill R.

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