Guided Imagery Meditation

What is Guided Imagery Meditation?

This type of meditation is one of the most common and is used by many different health practitioners for a wide range of mental and physical conditions and is commonly used for stress and anxiety relief.

Guided imagery helps you relax through visualizations. Ever heard the phrase "going to your happy place in your mind"? Guided imagery is sort of like that. Through visually imagining the images and situations you are guided through, many different benefits can be received including deep relaxation.

This type of meditation can also help to promote healing after a trauma or surgery (for example) by guiding the patient through different healing images and scenarios. Other benefits can include feelings of happiness, anxiety relief, and pain relief to name a few.

How to Practice Guided Imagery Meditation

This type of meditation can be done with the assistance of a health practitioner or therapist who is familiar with it's use, however, it's also commonly done alone with the assistance of CD's or other audios.

The first step will be to fully relax. Very similar to the relaxation necessary with hypnosis. After you have reached a very relaxed state, the guided imagery begins. They type of visualizations used will vary based on the reason for the meditation along with the preferences of the guide.

All-in-all, because of it is "guided", this is a great meditation for beginners. The benefits can be quite great, especially when it is practiced on a regular basis.

For a great stress relieving guided imagery session, try the Guided Imagery Immersion for Deep Mind/Body Relaxation icon from Sounds True.

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