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Mr. Finley's personable charisma and easy-going style make him and his philosophies easy to understand, enjoy, and relate to.

Guy Finley was kind enough to agree to do a short interview for and shared some very valuable insights. Whether you have been acquainted with Guy and his work for years, or this is your first time getting to know him, I hope you find the interview enjoyable and will be able to take some lessons with you.

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Guy Finley

Can you tell me about your newest book, Fearless Living - what inspired this particular work, and what would be the key message to readers who are perhaps newly embarking on self improvement?

Guy Finley:

A great man with whom I had the privilege of working with for more than a dozen years - a prolific author considered by many to be genuinely illumined in the truest sense of the word - was once asked by a reporter, "where would you place yourself, at what elevation are you, in the ascent of the spiritual mountain?" To which he replied, "I never think about such things, I'm too busy climbing." For me, this answer epitomizes why I continue to write and speak on the subject of fearless living: there is no end to the possibility of our realizing further and further perfection of the very powers that created us and the universe.

My new book simply expresses the most recent realizations that I have been given along the upward path. It is also, I think, the clearest work I've done, to date, on the subject of self-realization. Its key lesson is simple, although it takes years of dedicated inner work to discover the truth of it: each of us is made for whatever happens to us in any given moment. Unwanted events, those fearful situations we must all face, only appear to be confrontational because we've yet to understand their true nature; they are secret invitations to let go of who and what we have been up until that moment.

You've stated that sometimes we don't realize that we are inviting fear into our lives and relationships. What would be your Top 3 tips for helping others become more aware of their fears?

Guy Finley:

Tip #1: Learning to doubt the intelligence of being afraid of any unwanted situation is the first step in liberating yourself from the fear that makes the situation unwanted in the first place. Doubt your fears instead of allowing them to cause you to doubt yourself.

Tip #2: Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over, so be aware of how a fear wants you to believe there's no way out, and then just dare to walk through that fear.

Tip #3: No psychological fear exists without negative imagination. This means that any time you catch yourself starting to be afraid of some situation you need only become aware of this fact to make the fear fade away: the fear you feel is because you are in a waking dream, a nightmare produced by a sleeping mind that first pictures something terrible, and that then tries to run away from its own fearful imagery.

I really appreciate your concept of helping people to find a "true relationship with life." To you, what is the ideal or goal "relationship with life" a person can reach? Is it attainable for everyone?

Guy Finley:

In one way or another, we have all heard this expression: "You can't see the forest for the trees." Nowhere else does this time-tested axiom hold true as when it comes to the unlimited possibilities of our true relationship with Life. As just one point in view: Every once in a while we have the great fortune of perceiving a moment of such astonishing beauty or harmony that we all but lose ourselves within it. But what's far more amazing than any one of these visions is the unseen truth that makes such relationship possible: were it not for our mysterious capacity to fully embody that loveliness, to realize a perfect relationship with that unfolding moment - by being one with it in heart, mind and soul - there would be no beauty or harmony to behold.

One of the things my readers are learning is how to use journaling and writing to help cope with stress and the difficulties of life. How has writing helped you in your life?

Guy Finley:

The act of expressing one's thoughts and feelings through writing them out "on paper" is most beneficial; it requires the one writing to work at clarifying his or her interior state. Such an intention demands honesty, as the act of it requires that the one seeking new understanding request the insight that's needed to reconcile his or her confusion. True insight appears as we awaken to see our actual relationship with life by a new "light"... and this new light of insight - in part invoked through the act of realizing the need for it - is the secret foundation of spiritual strength, confidence, and sanity.

What has been your biggest challenge in life, and what was instrumental in helping you overcome it?

Guy Finley:

There is nothing more painful for any of us, and for those we love, than the terribly painful notion that we know what life is all about, and what it is for. Those who live in the dark of themselves are the first to blame others whenever they stumble and fall... and the last to suspect that the real source of their pain is their own blindness. My life was no exception. Being willing to admit that our best present solutions only serve to compound this problem, and not to resolve it, is the first step towards overcoming what has been overwhelming us.

Guy Finley

What is the #1 thing you want people to learn from you?

Guy Finley:

When we know - deeply realize - that what we've really been looking for in this life is what we already are - and not what we may become - we stand on the threshold of a new order of being that is effortless, fearless, fulfilled, and free.

I want to give a big thank you to Guy for taking the time to share his wisdom with us. For more information visit

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