Happiness is a Choice

Discovering that Happiness is a Choice

Here's a little known secret... no matter what your situation or circumstance in life, you can still be happy. All you have to do is make the choice to be happy

Sure it sounds much easier than it really is, especially if you are like many others who struggle with negativity, ego, or just overall understanding of how to influence your thoughts and emotions.

Don't believe that happiness can be chosen? Are you stuck in the middle of a difficult circumstance (probably one you didn't choose) and can't imagine how you could possibly choose to be happy?

If you're ever unsure if happiness can be attained no matter what your situation in life, take a look at children. Look at the millions of children around the world who are without homes, parents, food and basic necessities in life. Then look at how they can still find the will (the choice) to play and smile and simply be happy to be alive. It's possible.

But I get it... you're not in that situation. You work one or more full time jobs with a boss who treats you like you don't matter, you have children that demand care and attention, and maybe you're even in the middle of a divorce. Choosing to be happy may not even seem like an option. Happiness is a choice you don't get to make. Right?


happiness is a choice

By being truly happy on the inside, you can be happy no matter what life throws at you.

Making the choice to be happy even in difficult times can take effort, but it's effort that's well worth it. Realize that the situations and people and circumstances that are dragging you down are only a small part of what life is all about. These things don't have to control you, your mood, your emotions, or the enjoyment you get out of life unless you let them.

Stress can be managed the exact same way. You can choose to allow situations to cause you grief and stress... or you can choose to deal with them rationally and still give yourself permission to be happy and have fun with life.

Just because times are tough does not mean that you have to sulk. You're still allowed to have fun... but you have to choose to.

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