Happiness is a Rottweiler!

by Sue

For me puppy love comes in the shape of a big black and tan body, dark brown eyes and a lolling tongue!

The gorgeous dog in the photo above is Nero, my 8 year old Rottie and one of the loves of my life.... I also own his daughter Bonnie, and Xara my elderly (and first) Rottweiler.

Our family also includes a wolf-hybrid, an olde english bulldogge and a dachshund (all belonging to my kids) PLUS 3 cats and a parrot. And that's about as much happiness as my house can hold - literally :o)

Rottweilers are often misunderstood, and thought of as mean or aggressive, but that's not what they're about at all. Nero loves nothing better than to climb into someones' lap (any family member will do, he's not fussy!), and that classic sound of a Rottie 'grumbling' or 'vocalizing' is as relaxing as a cats' purr to me.

Nero has amazing ball drive and LOVES (LOVES... LOVES.... LOVES) to play ball. That's a great way for both of us to relax and I have as much fun watching him as he does playing. He's a pretty good soccer player lol

Yes, Happiness is a Rottweiler. No doubt about it.

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by: Jill R.

Wow, Nero is a handsome boy! My husband grew up around Rotties and so I had to call him in here to show him Nero's picture :)

I agree that Rotts have a bad rep like Pitbulls but they can absolutely be big teddy bears and they deserve good homes with loving owners just like any other breed. Thank you for being an ambassador for a breed in need... and thank you for sharing how they make your life happier :)

Jill R.

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by: SimsVilma

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