Gaining the Health Benefits of Pets

Health Benefits of Pets

As an animal lover and pet owner, it seems quite obvious to me that my pets make me "feel better". They certainly cheer me up when I'm down, give me comfort when I'm sad or scared, and make me laugh when I least expect it. So I wondered... what are the health benefits of having a pet?

Stress Relief

Any pet owner can probably tell you a funny story about something their "little baby" did. Animals have a way of being quite humorous and laughter is a great way to relieve stress! But in addition to laughter, they can create feelings of calm and love through the natural increase of a chemical called Oxytocin "the love hormone".

They can help to increase the amount of physical activity we receive and decrease our blood pressure. All of which can help relieve stress.

Social Benefits

Not only do pets help to fight the feelings of loneliness, they can also help us to become more social. Think of the times that you took your dog on a walk and met a neighbor or other pet owner that you may not have met had they not stopped to tell you how adorable your little buddy was.

In addition, cute puppies are often known as date magnets. Boys, it's true. An adorable puppy or a sweet older dog can definitely help attract a date. Just be sure you're not using the poor little puppy just to meet girls.

health benefits of pets

Predict Medical Emergencies

There are many amazing health benefits of pets. You may have seen it on TV or heard about it in a news story before and luckily for us it's true... our animal companions can help to alert us to oncoming medical emergencies such as seizures.

While many owners have reported that their dogs have this ability, dogs can also be specially trained to sense and alert their owners of oncoming seizures, making them the perfect companion for a person who is prone to them.

It has also been reported that dogs have alerted their owners of dangerously low blood sugar and even cancer. Quite amazing!

These are just a few of the many benefits that having an animal companion can bring.

They can help cheer you up when you're sick or sad and cuddle with you on a cold winter day... or even keep your cholesterol low or alert you to a seizure. But whatever your reason, take a moment to thank your little (or big) friend today for all of the benefits they provide in your life.

Share a picture of your pet and a story of how they make your life happier on our Happiness is Pets page!

If you're looking to add to your family by getting a pet, please consider rescue or adoption. There are many, many homeless animals looking for a safe place and a loving companion.

Pet Adoption

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