Heart Disease and Stress

Heart Disease and Stress: A Killer Combination

Without effective management, stress can cause many different mental and physical symptoms. Researches aren't sure how, but stress can lead to heart disease.

And while the former is true, researches aren't convinced that stress management is an effective therapy for heart disease.

But one thing is for sure, managing your stress effectively can dramatically increase your quality of life and have a positive effect on your health.

Left unmanaged, high levels of stress create unhealthy levels of hormones and chemicals in our bodies increasing our risk of developing heart disease and other conditions. In addition, stress can increase the likely hood that we'll participate in other behaviors such as smoking, poor eating habits, and a lack of exercise that can also increase our risk factors.

heart disease and stress

So how do you begin to manage your stress?

Increase your knowledge with these stress management tips.

In addition, learn other stress management activities that can help you lower your stress. Relaxation therapy is a great way to not only lower your stress, but relax and enjoy life.

Don't let stress effect your health and your quality of life. Learn to manage it effectively to begin a healthier, happier journey.

How does stress affect health?

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