Learning How to Prevent Stress is
Easier Than Coping with Stress

By learning how to prevent stress, you can not only stop it before it starts, you can also reduce the effects of stress when it does occur.

Many people discuss stress management, but rarely consider stress prevention. Learning how to prevent stress can be much easier than managing it after it's already reached a high level.

Why isn't stress prevention a more common topic?

Stress can be a difficult thing to predict. Unless you're entering an environment which you know from past experience causes you stress, it's hard to know when something stressful will happen.

When you're happy and things are going well in your life, you don't often think about stress or preparing for stressful times. But if you are prepared, it's possible to stop stress or even lessen its effects.

Learning how to prevent stress is actually very easy, and quite effective.

how to prevent stress

There are two major things to keep in mind that will help you prevent or lessen the effects of stress.

The first is to learn effective stress management. Once you know which activities and tools work for you when coping with stress, all you have to do is keep up those activities even when you don't feel stressed.

For example, if journaling is an effective outlet for your stress, continue to journal even when things are going well. Stress often seems to sneak up on us, but the truth is that it may have been building over time. If relaxation therapy is your thing, treat yourself to it even when you're not stressed.

Allowing yourself an outlet on a regular basis can keep your stress level relatively low and you may work it out without even knowing it.

The second thing to keep in mind is living a healthy lifestyle. I know this is hard for a lot of people, but if you can get into a regular routine of exercising, again, you may easily work out your stress before you even know you were stressed.

The key is to keep yourself working towards your goal of a less stressful life even when you feel great. Keep in mind that learning how to prevent stress is much easier than stress management. If you've been working on managing your stress, you should have found some activities that not only relieve your stress, but are also fun and enjoyable.

Keeping up those activities on a regular basis will help to lessen the occurrence of stress in your life. And don't forget to mix it up every now and again. Try new things to keep from getting bored with your routine.

Learn to manage and prevent your stress with the practical tips and step-by-step instruction in the Stressful Lives Stress Management Workbook. This guide is the best alternative to hiring a personal stress management coach.

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