Hypnosis And Birth...Best Alternative To An Epidural!

by Andre
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

My wife and I took a self-hypnosis class given by a local (yet world class) family doctor, who only follows expectant mothers now because the demand is so high!

She is a certified hypnotherapist as well, and has developed her own self-hypnosis program called "Hypno-Vie" or "Hypno-Beginning".

So we took this course which is 4 sessions of 2 hours each. This course comes with the CD's to practice at home and use when giving birth, as well as a booklet to guide and explain the process.

We took the courses and realized quickly that this really works...even if the course is geared towards "eliminating pain at birth" I was able to use the course for simple relaxation (Still do today).

So when my wife gave birth we really put this to the test and I have to say, with all due respect to women who have done this naturally or taken the road of an epidural, this experience has taught US that giving birth does NOT have to be painful and RISKY!

Risky? An epidural involves many risks and side effects...self hypnosis has none. No risk of dying, or blood clots, or head aches etc.

Just a calm, relaxed, and joyous moment. My wife never screamed, never complained (except that she was hot...so I put cold compresses on her forehead). Let me tell you...what you see on tv and movies of a woman birthing, is the COMPLETE opposite of our experience.

So hypnosis and birth really are the best alternative to an epidural, at least in our case, and many others who took the course as well.

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What a great idea!
by: Jill R.


This is what I love about hypnosis. It has so many uses and people can really make it work for whatever situation they're in. I hadn't thought of using it for childbirth... but it sounds like a fantastic idea!

Thanks for Sharing.
Jill R.

P.S. Andre, I really like your site and thought others might like to check out:

hypnosis and stress
by: ian

Hypnosis is I believe hugely under-rated as a means of reducing pain, stress and anxiety.

Similarly hypnosis has been used in cases where a person?s teeth have been removed without anaesthetic and with minimal bleeding.

There was also a recent report in the Daily Mail about the use of hypnosis to make a woman believe that she had had a virtual gastric band fitted. Almost laughable except she lost 5 stones over the period of the treatment!

After 40 years of struggle, I finally discovered that the most effective way to cure stress, panic and anxiety and it?s symptoms completely and permanently, is to resolve what?s causing it; if there is no longer any cause, there can be no effect.

So many start at the wrong end by using
pallatives to reduce the stress that has already built up. This is oiling the hinges after the horse has bolted!

But how then can you set up these positive barriers in your mind to prevent stress taking hold?

The answer is of course through hypnosis and to a lesser extent meditation. There are many well qualified and established hypnotists who are now available.

Find the right course and my site shows the best I have found, trust and believe in it and it really will transform your life!

Stressless now!

Help NEW
by: Anonymous

So spellbinding and conception truly are the best distinct option for an epidural, at any rate for our situation, and numerous other people who took the course too. Any more help related to education you can feel free for More Detailed Information- OrderCollegePapers.com

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