I showed him

by John

I started working for a company 3 years ago. It was a pretty good job, and I was out of work, so it sounded like a good opportunity. The first time I made a mistake however, the boss made sure to single me out and tell everyone what a pathetic failure I was. I'm not used to taking insult from anyone so I almost jumped up and yelled at him right back. Luckily I looked around the room, and saw that most of my coworkers were avoiding the bosses eyes and a few even gave me sympathetic looks. I soon realized that this was normal procedure for the boss to make a small mistake look like a major infraction.

Over the next 3 years I tried to deal with all of what he was saying but more and more it seemed like he was singling me out. After 3 years I decided that I couldn't deal with it and I quit. I now know that I made the right decision. During my last days at this company, I was having trouble sleeping, could hardly focus, and had terrible eating habits. Now I am working for a good company that treats me well, I am sleeping and eating well, and I can easily concentrate on my work. I am so glad I left that dumb boss behind.

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I know that feeling NEW
by: Tony

I had a similar situation with a really weird boss (a supposed preacher!) who hated me because I used the odd swear word. He began constantly trying to find fault, and was always forced to apologise when I went to the general manager, who was very sensible, but in the end I found another job and left. To my delight he was fired not long afterwards - and then got fired from his next job as a bus driver for stealing, and then got prosecuted for stealing women's panties off their clothes lines. Some preacher!

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