I Think I'm Being Sabotaged

by Karla
(Terra Haute, Indiana USA)

I have worked at the same company for 10 years. Throughout this time I had the same boss for 6 of those years. She was wonderful and supportive. Then she left and there have been others that have come and gone. The current one has been here 3 years.

At first, the new boss wanted to firmly establish that HE was in charge since we are the only 2 in this office. Since he only works part time, he is never there during the hours that I work. So he wanted to know every move I made... To prove that I was really working maybe? Not sure.

The sources he used to confirm my performance were others who work in the same building but not closely enough to me to know much about the demands of my job or whether or not I was doing it properly. And while I have always been able to defend myself with the truth of the situation when confronted, I quickly got tired of having to do this and felt threatened a lot.

He takes a LOT of time off besides only working part time. So thankfully, in time he has grown to understand who really does the work from this office and has become very supportive of what I say and do.

But one of the problems has always been that he goes through my desk and messes with things (both personal and work related) when I am gone... which isn't very often. Then there are some items for my job that have to be placed in specific places every day. These items from time to time have been moved too. I have had to become very good at checking every item before I give them to other people to make sure there are no missing pieces. It seems silly that with only 2 of us in the office, I still have to worry that important items will go missing.

And I feel like he does these things intentionally, and that he knows no one would believe me if I reported him. Now I know I sound paranoid. He says good things about me to other people so that there is no way they would believe what he does behind closed doors to sabotage me.

The good news is, that he no longer talks to me in his condescending manner... like you're in big trouble now girl if this happens again, when he was usually the one that caused the problem. Thankfully, he realized what a cushy job he has for only a few hours a day and gets to take off several times a month without having to worry about anything. Because he knows I'll be here to take care of everything as usual even though he's the boss!

To me it's job security. But I still can't trust him with the stuff in our office. Good grief he has his own desk. But still uses my stuff. Just because he can? And he never tries to put things back where he finds them if he decides to give them back at all. Some of these items are personal and some of them are important things I need to do my job.

The good thing is: We work different hours so I rarely see him! When I do see him, he fakes it and acts like we are best buds. This has enabled me to keep my sanity and my job.

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Thank You.
by: Jill R.


Thank you for sharing your story with us! I'm sure many people can relate, and I've worked in office environments enough to know how frustrating it can be when someone takes something that belongs to you.

If you haven't seen the movie "Office Space" you should check it out. There's a very funny reference to this with one of the characters getting upset about his stapler being stolen. It makes me laugh every time because I know that I can definitely relate at times to how he feels!

Best of luck!
Jill R.

Have you considered ...
by: Anonymous

Have you considered a locked drawer for the important things?

Sure sounds like a lot of "game playing" on his part. I'd be suspicious too.

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