I want to own and run a luxury nature retreat for couples

by Sarah
(NSW, Australia)

I'm a Police Officer. I have been for ten years. My job has affected me to the point where I've been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among other things. I cannot even get myself out of bed anymore to go to work, it's so bad.

I've done so much soul searching and have tried to retrace my steps back to childhood to discover what it is I'm actually passionate about, as through being a Police Officer I've become someone else in order to protect myself from all the paon and suffering that I see. I realised that I'm very creative, love nature, have an eye for detail with OCD :) When family or friends come to stay, I realised that I always try to create a retreat for them.

I only just realised last night...finally, after so much soul searching, that I want to have a retreat, with luxury accommodation amongst nature, that is designed ecologically to be as self sustainable as possible. I wan't people to have an experience amongst nature that brings them back time and time again and takes them away with a new respect and understanding for the earth. I'm very passionate about following this dream. How I will get there, I don't know, all I know is I have faith that the universe will provide, now that I'm back in tune with my soul....What a relief. Now all I need to do is let go of the past, say goodbye to my life as a police officer and hello world..

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