January 2011

by Jill R.

Gunner & Kai go out for a walk together

Gunner & Kai go out for a walk together

Gunner & Kai go out for a walk together Which way should we go?? Patches at the vet :)

Wednesday, January 19th 2011

"It's been a cold and busy winter, so please forgive me for taking so long to give you the latest updates! So hang with me while I try to make up for it...

December was cold. Very cold. And because of that, a lot of the outdoor fun that we get to have other times of the year just doesn't happen. So needless to say, there appears to be a bit of cabin fever for the doggies and the humans.

The Kennel was beyond full for the holidays and it was downright crazy. But, we still managed to make sure that Kai and Patches weren't lost in the crowd. You may notice the picture up top of Patches at the vet... and then the pics of Gunner & Kai on a walk without Patches. First, let me start by saying that Patches is perfectly fine, so don't worry :)

Patches is a rowdy little thing and somehow pulled a muscle in one of her legs, so she was taken to the vet to make sure it wasn't serious (and it wasn't) and then she got a special VIP place to rest and recoup and Kai got spoiled by getting to go out for extra walks. I think it was a plan that the two of them concocted to be sure that they still got special treatment even though the kennel was completely full.

I made several special trips out to the kennel on my days off to hang with Patches in her VIP kennel giving her kisses and making sure she was feeling okay... and making special trips to pick up Kai to take him out with Gunner to make sure that Kai felt special too. Those 2 doggies have me suckered. And for Christmas I made sure each of them got their own bone and squeaky toy (pink for Patches and blue for Kai)... and don't worry... Kai & Patches got to send some snacks and stuff to their Mom overseas for Christmas too which was really fun.

Once the holidays were over, most of the other doggies in the Kennel went home so we've had more quiet days, which is good because it's been way too cold for anyone to enjoy much outside time. Poor Patches has absolutely zero hair on her little belly and she can't stay out too long before she freezes. I did take Gunner up for 3 shifts over this past weekend so that he and Kai and Patches could all run around together and get some of that pent up winter energy out.

It snowed a lot today (and it's still snowing) so I imagine Kai will probably have fun tomorrow (he's pretty well insulated) and Patches will probably run in and right back out! If I can, I'm really going to try to get some pics or video of them in the snow tomorrow. And other than that, we are planning on springing them from the joint and taking them on a walk on Tuesday morning.

Other than that, we're really looking forward to spring... Warmer weather.... and Mom coming home!

They're not going to mine to spoil much longer :) "

Tuesday, January 25th 2011

As I mentioned in my last update, Emily and I had planned to meet up to take Kai & Patches on a walk. But instead, we decided to just bring them over to my place to roll around and play inside.

When we went to the Kennel to pick them up, They both ran up to Emily and got so excited because they don't get to see her very often these days. It was really nice for me to see that they both have connected with others... because for Patches, especially, if she's affectionate towards someone, it's because they've treated her well. So it's clear to me that Emily has earned Patches' love and that's really fun to see.

When we got back to my house, both Kai and Patches were very excited as usual. And as expected, Kai just wanted to cuddle. All he really wants is to be with his sister and the humans he cares about. He's by far one of the sweetest boys I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with.

Patches was hilarious! She was carpet surfing (for lack of a better term) on her belly. All four legs stretched out and she was practiclly swimming her body all over the floor. It was so funny!! I did get a short bit of it on video and I do promise to have that up soon.

When she was done carpet surfing, she pretty much planted her little butt in Emily's lap, smiled and refused to move. I love her :)

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by: Tina

I just love the stories about these 2. I was wondering if there would be another update so I'm glad you posted this.

I think it sounds like they have you all figured out and know how to get what they want. But I probably wouldn't be able to resist either. They are very cute and I'm sure they will miss you when their mom comes back. They'll never forget what you've done for them.

it's a very special thing that you've done with these 2.

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