What are the main causes of stress?

If you ask someone what they think the main causes of stress are you're likely to be presented with all kinds of different answers. Those answers will depend on that person's personal experience with stress, because the truth of what causes our stress lies in our beliefs.

This is why the events that cause someone to experience stress aren't the same from person to person. They can even vary based on the time of year, location, and many other factors. However, there are some stressors that many people tend to agree on and I've listed the Top 3 Categories:

Financial Stress

main causes of stress

Money doesn't cause everyone stress... but it certainly is a problem for a lot of people. If you don't have much or are having difficulties managing it, money can be a source of stress. And on the other hand, there are a whole other set of problems and stressors for those who have too much of it.

Haven't you heard? Financial Stress is the number one reason for divorce. I don't know if that's actually true or not, but if it's not number one, I'm sure it's at least in the Top 5.

All you have to do is turn on your TV, read the newspaper, or step out your front door these days and you're smacked in the face with updates on the economy and the recession. Economic stress is definitely a big factor these days... however, while this is one of the main causes of stress now, it hasn't always been at the top of the list.

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Workplace Stress

Many people, recession or not, experience stress at work. This is quite often on the top of the list for many people and is considered one of the biggest causes of stress.

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School stress also belongs in this category. Like the workplace, there are many different situations and opportunities for stress to creep into your life when dealing with school.

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Family and Relationship Stress

Again, this is something that most people deal with from time to time... as long as there are mothers, fathers, siblings, in-laws, spouses, etc... the relationships people have with each other will always be considered one of the main causes of stress.

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This list could likely go on and on. There are so many different variables that can cause a person to feel stress. And not everyone will experience stress for the same reasons.

But you should know what your main causes of stress are and recognize your triggers. Be aware when you are in those situations and find ways of coping with stress that work for you.

Practicing relaxation techniques or even writing letters to vent some of your frustrations are just a few of the ways that you can begin to deal with some of the stress in your life in a healthier way.

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