My Boss Sold Out

by Anonymous

As a counselor, I see both sides of every issue, so I can see how my boss (I'll call him Spock because he is all about the business and doesn't care about employees' feelings) is himself a victim of the system which doesn't work; but the insanity of it is that he defends the system with all he's got! He and I both know that there is too much to do and not enough time to do it in (he's got a pile of backed up work that's higher than mine!) but he relentlessly is on my butt to get mine done. Instead of helping me develop a plan to get it all done, he just barks at me all the time (obviously because he doesn't have the TIME to help me...)

He's a nice person to everyone, usually, but it makes me wonder if all that niceness is sincere or if it is just part of his elaborate plan to manipulate us all into being nothing more than cogs in a wheel. I became a counselor because I don't want to be a cog in a wheel. I did not want to get backed up in work. I wish my Intro to Human Services professor would have warned me about all the paperwork! Maybe I would have chosen a different career. But I wonder if there is such a thing as a career that pays enough to live that isn't stressful. It seems the more money you make, the more stressful the job, as if the system (the bigger one we all live in) is manipulating us to stress ourselves into an early grave. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

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Tough situation
by: Carla

It sounds like to me that he has the "Boss" ego.
People like that are so hard to work for.
Maybe you are working for the wrong boss.
Whenever I have worked for a person who constantly puts pressure on me the work is so much harder and takes longer.
I hope you someday have a boss who is compatable to work with and then you might decide it is all worth it.

School vs. Real World
by: Jill R.

I do think there is a pretty large disconnect between what is taught in school and what actually happens in the workforce. Unless you have some type of on-the-job training with your education, there's just not enough information givin on what you can really expect.

I know that was true in my case for sure. We were taught the how-to's of the work itself... but didn't learn anything about the job or how real processes work. We didn't learn much about how the work and knowledge fit into real experiences. There were, of course, different scenerios and situational work, but it just didn't compare to reality.

Thank you for sharing your story!

by: Anonymous

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