My Crazy Boss... part deux!

by Sharon
(New York, NY)

It's hard to believe that I wound up working for a woman who's twice as bad as the boss before her, but it's true. So, that will make a total of 9 years working for two of the worst bosses in the world. Gee, I really know how to pick them.

My latest boss is best described as a large shot of Anna Wintour, 3 parts ADD, and a splash of alcoholism -shaken violently, not stirred.

Since it was slightly inappropriate to ask "Anna" if she had any crazed, self-absorbed, booze-hound tendencies during the interview, I accepted the position and started working as her personal assistant a little over 5 years ago. I soon found she was all that and then some. Examples:

1. Listening: Anna is completely devoid of ausculation, and blatantly interrupts everyone in mid sentence.

2. The Meeting: This will involve her Blackberry and the many texts she types, or calls she takes from her husband, children, nanny, etc., as you go over the week's agenda and to-do lists. Also, answering emails on her PC and a story about her crazy neighbor. Before you make it to item #2 on your list, she's off for the drunken luncheon meeting.

3. Planning: not a priority for Anna. It's more of an OMG, we have to get this done by 4:00pm today approach. Of course, it was on the to-do list and added to her calendar with many pop-up reminders. I'm pretty sure she enjoys the drama of the deadline.

4. The Event: Accompanying Anna to events that involve some travel is just fun fun fun. She insists on driving and must stop at the hotel bar for cocktails before heading back home. This is just too scary to talk about and I've made every excuse not to go with her since the last horror ride.

5. The Wizard of Oz: For me, the worst offense of them all... the screaming. Anna has zero patience - if something isn't working for her, she will unleash the Wicked Witch of the West voice on me. Usually during my day off, or at 11:00pm at night - combined with one of her happy hours. I also get those calls when she's had a fight with a family member as well.

So, why have a lasted 5 years? I'm not sure. I do like the job itself - it's really diverse, flexible schedule, good pay, ok benefits. But as she mentioned to me in a recent screaming match, "I AM THE JOB!" My reply was, "And therein lies the problem!" That conversation ended as soon as I mentioned that I will leave her if she does not stop abusing me. She's been fairly good for two weeks, but I feel she's about to blow!

That's my story - sad but true. I will eventually leave and hopefully on good terms... I will need that dang reference.

In the meantime, my doctor prescribes me anti-anxiety medication and I try to meditate when I can, but the racing thoughts are too powerful to stop and relax these days.

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You're a tough cookie!
by: Jill R.

I must say, I'm impressed that you've been hanging in all those years! Wow. I'm actually kind of speechless!

Thank you very much for sharing your story. Be sure to give us updates!

Jill R.

Crazy boss!
by: Annie

My god, how can you stand it! I would be long gone! You should take up a career in humorous writing instead, I cracked up reading about your crazy boss.

Why is it that people in power think they own a worker? You have the right to be treated well, and if she can't be educated then you owe it to yourself to value yourself better and find someone who appreciates you. Sounds like you run the show anyway!

good luck!

Hanging in there
by: Mary

Good for you for hanging in there but it seems like 5 years is a long time to deal with the psycho.
Maybe the day will come when you get used to each other and can at least tolerate each other.
When the job is good but the boss isn't it is harder to look elsewhere.
Wouldn't you just love to ask her if she is off her meds when she is acting like that. On the other hand maybe you could let her know there is help out there for people like her. Ha Ha!

You Deserve a Raise
by: Connie

Now's the time to ask for that well deserved raise when "Bad Boss" is aware that you can always go elsewhere. You deserve it!

Your Crazy Boss
by: Sue

Boy Sharon,

You need a gold star, a raise and several more weeks vacation.

I'd negotiate a raise (along with those several more weeks of vacation) and if I didn't get it call in the emergency screening psychiatric people during the next outburst.

Of course, you could always take the passive aggressive approach and drive her crazier with that approach or kill her with kindness... (That tends to drive the crazy ones even crazier! Very gratifying!)

Could this be an example of eye of the beholder?
by: Anonymous

Could this be an example of eye of the beholder?

It'll affect you NEW
by: Anonymous

Be careful, because putting up with nutty people will also drive you mad. I worked for a classic paranoid, luckily not for too long, but he had already driven his staff so mad that one day when I smilingly greeted his secretary (with whom I normally got on very well as we shared the same birthday) she began shrieking "What's so funny? What are you laughing at?" and I had to soothe her, and explain I was just offering her a smiling friendly greeting.

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