My Secret on How to Manage Stress.

by Terri David
( Michigan)

Working away, transporting kids, fixing meals, family commitments. Sometimes I just find myself running in so many different directions that I forget where I am going.

The other day, I was sharing with a friend of mine how hard it was to lose weight even though I was doing all the right things. She shared back, “well, you know stress can make it difficult for your body to lose weight.”

I knew that! But, I had forgotten.

The secret for me to manage stress is to remember to breathe. I hadn't been breathing lately. I learned long ago that I forget to breathe when too much is going on in my life with being a parent, wife, and entrepreneur and I am stressed out.

Why just the other day a salesperson came over our house and she didn’t breathe. Well, she did, just not much (how else would she still be alive). But the whole time she was with us, I just wanted to yell out—BREATHE!

The Hawaiians have a name for people who don’t breathe “Haoles”. They knew how important the breath is and how it can not only help our stress level decrease but keep us in better health by getting more oxygen into our bodies.

So take a deep breath and feel the tensions disappear. Get the kids to take a deep breath too. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Sometimes it can be. Other times if that doesn’t work for you, maybe it’s time to learn a bit more about breathing and meditation.

Taking that time to focus totally on yourself, your breath and your relaxation can be invigorating and healthier.

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by: Jill R.

Surprising how often we actually we forget to breathe when we're stressed, isn't it?

Excellent tip Terri! Thanks for sharing :)

Jill R.

slight improvement
by: Mark

Thanks for the great article. I just wanted to point out however, that the breathing should be abdominal. This is far more effective than simple chest breathing.

Abdominal Breathing
by: Terri

Great point!. I knew that, I think I just forgot to put it in writing. I guess I take it for granted. I appreciate you adding that point as its so very important.

Terri at

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