My 'worst boss' is ... me.

by Barney Lerten

Me. At home. At the keyboard. As usual. (I've blown a HOLE in the spacebar. Seriously.)

Me. At home. At the keyboard. As usual. (I've blown a HOLE in the spacebar. Seriously.)

Seriously. I have great, caring supervisors. I just feel I have to do it all myself, and feel guilty when I say no.

I'm sure I'm not alone. Knowing I have this problem and fixing it are, sadly, two different things. Between all the great online resources and the many blogs, like this one, maybe I can find the tips - breathing, exercise, etc. etc. - to make things better.

Not perfect, better.

And maybe 'my boss' will cut me some slack. For once;-)

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Many of us are guilty
by: Jill R.

Hi Barney,

Many of us are guilty of doing too much, working too hard, and putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves. But realizing that you are the one making that choice is half the battle.

Now for the other half... only you can know for yourself what your priorities are and what makes you happy. For some people, work is a highly fulfilling part of their lives. But if the extra pressure you're putting on yourself isn't beneficial... well that's where stress management comes in.

I hope you find info on this site that is helpful, and let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.

Good Luck!
Jill R.

I can rate myself?
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the fast, kind words, Jill. May I find an outlet that helps me get better, do better and live more balanced a life. (Hmm, the captcha below is 'GRINCH,' something to that...;-)
Have a great Sunday!

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