November 2010

by Jill R.



Kai Kai Patches

Saturday, Nov 13th 2010

"This has been an exciting month so far. Kai & Patches' mother has been in town making regular visits and having lots of fun with her babies. Patches has seemed to be in a really good mood lately so I'm sure her mom has something to do with it!

And I think we owe their mom an apology :( Kai is known as the best hugger in town. I mean, I've never met a dog that gives the kind of amazingly wonderful hugs that Kai does. Anyone who knows him always asks him for a hug. So here's how Mr. Kai's hugs go... he jumps up and very gently wraps his front legs around your waist. The he turns his head to the side and presses it against your belly and gives a real hug! It just melts my heart.

But what we didn't realize is that we've been encouraging Kai to jump up on people, and I think that we maybe encouraged a behavior that isn't always welcome... oops. Sorry Mom!

But he's very gentle about it... and even my big 'ol 6' 3" husband asks Kai for hugs :) So I hope she won't be too mad at us :)

Unfortunately, Kai & Patches mom had to say goodbye to her babies yesterday. Thankfully I wasn't there, I don't think I could have controlled my emotions and from what I heard, it was a very emotional "Good Bye". So we're wishing very safe travels to their Mom. We thank her for her service to our country and we look forward to seeing her again in the Spring!

In the meantime, summer is definitely over and it's getting colder every day here in Kansas. Even had our first bit of snow last night (nothing measurable... but snow none the less!). So when we went to the kennel to let the little monsters out for their morning bathroom break and play time... Miss Patches took one step outside, felt the cold air, and turned her little short-haired body around and tried to run back to her kennel. And I can't say that I blame her... I'm not much of a fan of the cold either.

So as I chased her around (whether she likes it or not, she needs to go out to potty) and suddenly... there we were... face-to-face in the back hallway...

Little white and black Patches facing off with 5' 2" Jill! So after a short stare-down we went at it... wrestling and tickling and laughing and snorting and tail wagging... and you get the idea. We had our short little moment of alone time were we got to just be together and share some fun. Then I had to lead her outside :( Poor little Patches.

This afternoon was a different story, it had warmed up enough that none of the doggies were complaining about having to go outside. But the dynamic of a big group of dogs is very fragile. And when a new dog is introduced into the group (especially a non-neutered dog) there's bound to be some tense moments. And Patches... is Patches. She gets excited easily and also keeps the others wound up and excited.

So for everyone's safety, the new dog got some much needed alone time in a special yard where he could roam and romp without being smelled by 25 other dogs all at once. And Patches had to come inside with me and get to work.

As I've said before, she's a scrappy little thing and there are times that she's better off away from the group... and she doesn't mind. She likes hanging out with me as we do our noon checks. We went from kennel-to-kennel making sure that each doggy got new fresh water and that their bedding was nice and clean. She usually stays one kennel ahead of me... peaks her little head in, has a look, and then looks up at me as if she's saying "All good over here! Did I do a good job?"

So that's what we did today and then we put her away while her fellow doggies came back inside, and then since she missed out on her play time, we put her back outside with her boyfriend... Gunner :) She gave him big kisses as usual. She's sweat as pie.

Of course, before I left this afternoon (I won't see them again until tomorrow morning) I went inside their kennel and got my last hug from Kai today and gave him a kiss. Patches was already curled up for her nap so I squeezed her little face (I can't help it) and gave her a kiss too.

Ah... life is good!"

Saturday, November 20th 2010

"The grass is brown and so are the leaves. We're definitely entering into winter time. But that doesn't stop the doggies from having lots of fun and even some mischief! Since it's getting closer to the Thanksgiving Holiday the kennel is getting fuller and fuller so today we split the big dogs into two groups which meant that all the doggies got more attention and we didn't even have any fights :)

So since we were having a nice peaceful (albeit cold) afternoon, I took the opportunity to take some short videos of Kai & Patches for their momma to enjoy as well as all of those folks who helped these two get some great gifts and who love to follow their time with us.

If you haven't noticed already from all the other pics & videos... Kai is sort of camera shy so I tried to get more of him, but he's just happier to snuggle with no camera around. Here it is... Enjoy!

"I think it's worth noting again how amazing these two really are. After 7 months at the kennel, most dogs would be showing loads of stress... but these two are real troopers. Their personalities still stand out above the crowd and they continue to be happy just to be in good company with the friends they make (both humans and doggies).

I continue to spoil them with delicious treats and lots of hugs and kisses and Alex & Emily (other workers at the kennel) continue to take Kai & Patches on regular walks outside of the facility thanks to the generosity of strangers who helped us raise money to buy them both a new harness and a new leash for Kai.

Now that they've seen their mom again recently, they are even more determined to remain strong throughout her deployment and we'll continue to do whatever is necessary to make sure they stay happy and healthy until she returns again.

I feel like I have the best job in the world."

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by: Carrie

Hi Jill,

I LOVE these 2! You ARE so lucky to have them and they are lucky to have you! The videos are my favorite part of these stories and I'm glad you said something about Kai being camera shy because I noticed that he doesn't seem to want to have his picture taken.

Glad they're having fun while their mommy is away but I bet they'll be so happy when she comes back!

Keep the updates coming!!!

Thanks for everything you do Jill!!
by: Wanda

Your little film clip brought tears to my eyes. Kai and Patches looks so happy and healthy. I'm so happy you and the others are taking such good care of them while their Mommy is away. You guys are a Godsend.

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