October 2010 Updates

by Jill R.



Patches Kai and Patches in the Play Yard

Friday, October 8th 2010

"This morning I was out with the dogs for their morning walk. The yard that the dogs have to run and play in is quite large. In the center there is a fenced in area surrounding some big trees and bushes. Patches has, of course, found a weak spot in the fence and easily slips under it to hang out by herself in the fenced in area.

We don't worry about her being in there and she seems to really enjoy it so we let her be.

But this morning as I was coming around the corner with a bunch of the other dogs, I saw Patches hanging out in there, sitting with her back to us and she was looking over her shoulder at me. I said "hi" to her but noticed that she was giving me a strange look and holding her gaze. And I knew she was up to something by the look on her little face, but I wasn't sure what.

Then one of the other dogs passed close to the fence and I saw her turn her head the other direction (without moving or gettin up) and she growled. Right then I realized that she was guarding something! Sneaky little thing!

So I went over to the fence to see what she'd gotten herself into. And there it was... a poor little dead bunny. I imagine that bunny had no chance with Patches! AND I knew that there was no way that she was going to let anyone else get close to HER bunny.

So to avoid any conflicts, we moved all of the dogs to an adjacent yard and allowed Patches to be alone with her bunny.

And finally, when I was ending my shift and getting ready to head out, I figured I'd try one last time to get Patches to abandon her bunny and come inside. So I stepped out, called her name... and my sweet little girl came running to me :)

Later that day when we were able to remove the bunny, we found that she simply killed and guarded the bunny. I had assumed that she was going to eat it. But she didn't. She's a very intriguing girl... and as naughty as she is, I can't help but love her."

Friday, October 29th 2010

"October has been a great month for these two. They've gotten to go running with the girls about once a week which is really great for them... gets them out of the same 'ol routine and gives them something to look forward to.

I hear that they're both very friendly on their outings and look forward to meeting all the people and dogs they run in to.

Tomorrow we're having a big open house. There will be a lot of activities for the dogs and children and we're expecting a good turnout. So that will be something fun and new for them to enjoy.

Also, the biggest and best news ever...

We're expecting their mother to show up ANY DAY NOW! She'll be home for her 2 week R&R and we can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they see their mom!

Both Kai and Patches received another bath yesterday in anticipation... we wanted them to be all shiny and new when she shows up :)

Hopefully I'll have news about that soon and also have news about how they do with all the visitors we'll be having tomorrow."

Saturday, October 30th 2010:

"Today was a GREAT day! We had our Open House event at the kennel so there was a lot of new people, new dogs, and lots of fun and excitement!

Both my husband and Gunner came and spent lots of time with Kai and Patches who were very excited to see them... especially my husband who they don't get to see all that often, but they clearly remember that he's the guy that they get to hang out on the couch and watch TV with :)

So as if all of the new people, doggies, and activity wasn't exciting enough....

Right in the middle of the event...

Kai & Patches' mom and family showed up!!!

We were surprised and beyond excited! When I got up front, Kai and Patches were both running in circles jumping on everyone and trying to say hi to everyone all at once. It was a LOT of excitement!

We let them all hang out in a private yard together... they met Gunner and were a little surprised to hear that Patches does make friends. (Like I've said before, she can be a bit scrappy).

Then we put on their new harnesses and the family took them walking out into the big yard with all the people and activities. We didn't spend much time with them so that they could have plenty of quality time with just the pups and their family, but I did see Patches going through the agility course with her mom and they both seemed to be beaming.

It was really, really awesome. And thanks to all of you who helped us raise funds to buy them all that great stuff, as well as a big thanks to those who donated items and those who donated additional funds to pay for boarding costs as a "Thank You" to their mother for serving our country.

The pups will be staying with us at the Kennel but their family will be back a lot in the next couple of weeks to spend as much time with Kai & Patches as possible... which these two are going to LOVE. We know they love us, but there's nothing that can compare to having mom back!

Welcome home!!!"

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by: Anonymous

I've been following this story a bit because I love a good dog story and I really love how your site helps people with stress too.

I am so happy for the latest news. I bet it was awesome to see how happy they were when they saw their mom and family.

very cool.

Keep up the good work and keep us updated!

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