Pain and Stress Reduction

Pain and Stress Reduction: Have you ever wondered what the connection was?

In many ways, stress can be helpful for pain. During short bursts of high stress, many different chemical changes happen in our bodies including an increase in adrenaline. This increase helps to reduce the feeling of pain temporarily. The reason for this is so that we have a chance to survive whatever threat is causing our stress.

Unfortunately, too many of us become stressed for the wrong reasons. We may not be under any real or dangerous threat... it may be that we're over-worked.

And unless we reduce the amount of stress we're under, long periods of it can actually increase pain, and can sometimes set us up for chronic pain.

pain and stress reduction

So while long-term and chronic pain can cause stress, the reverse is also quite possible. Long-term and chronic stress can cause pain.

So what do you do?

The most important thing to do when suffering from any kind of pain is to consult with your doctor. They should be able to help you identify the cause of your pain and treat it accordingly.

In addition, maintaining healthy levels of stress is key. Many sufferers of chronic pain and/or chronic stress are more susceptible to developing depression.

There are many different relaxation techniques that can be quite useful in dealing with pain. Be sure that you hold off on any new exercise or physical activity until it's approved by your doctor.

Meditation and hypnosis are also common and very effective practices used for pain and stress. offers a wide variety of hypnosis audios to help relieve pain. If you've never tried hypnosis before, why not? What if it actually worked? Here is a sampling of the audios you can try for pain relief:

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide to help you manage your stress, download The Stressful Lives Stress Management Workbook and start changing your life today.

How does Stress Affect Health?

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