Recipe for Happiness

Your Recipe for Happiness

Everyone has their own idea of what it takes to be happy... and we want to hear yours. This page is dedicated to Happiness and sharing and celebrating the things in life (big or small) that make our lives happier.

Here's my example...

Jill's Happiness Recipe:

Mix equal parts of the following:

1 Funny Husband
1 Rescued Pit Bull
1 Adopted Kitty
2 Great Families
1 Pursuit of Dreams

With a dash of success, a warm and safe home, and a sunny afternoon. Blend well and love excessively.

recipe for happiness

When you share your "happiness recipe" it will be displayed on its own page where others will be able to leave you comments. Some submissions will even be featured in an issue of the Stress Free Living ezine!

What makes you happy?

Each person has their own individual ideas of what happiness is to them, and we'd love to hear what makes you happy! Bring a smile to your face by sharing your happiness recipe today :)

Find out what makes others happy:

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Jackie's Happiness Recipe 
Add in a dash of warm weather The hope for a new boyfriend (for an old single lady) A pinch of the grandchildren's cheek And a tub of Blue Bunny ice …

House Warming Not rated yet
A bushel full of tomatoes from the plants we’ll soon be planting A season full of herbs that will soon be sowed Add in a short shower and a dash …

Quick Tips for Happiness Not rated yet
To be happy have a "LET GO" attitude. Let go of all worries. Let go of all attachment. Love all but be detached. Let go of the ego and be truly and really …

Happiness through breathing Not rated yet
When ever I am stressed out or worried about irrelevant issues I just think what it would be like if I am dead. These worries and stress would not be there …

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