Have you tried relaxing music for stress relief?

Using relaxing music can be one of the easiest ways to help relieve stress.

Most people aren't surprised to find out that music relieves stress. If you're listening to the right thing at the right time, music can bring natural stress relief.

What is the best kind of music if you want to relieve stress?

That depends on what you like... and it will also most likely depend on your mood.

I am a music lover. So I have an iPod filled with all different kinds of music. I love country, pop, rock, and even some rap... quite the mix!

Here's the thing... if I'm in the kind of mood where I'm wound up, can't relax, or can't sleep, it's best to pick relaxing music tracks or natural sounds. And even here, it depends on what you like.

relaxing music

There are a lot of choices at the stores these days and even with natural sounds or relaxing music (mood music), your personal taste will still be a factor.

For example, I am terrified of thunderstorms (I live in Kansas and we get a lot of Tornadoes and other violent storms), so the sound of rain and thunder does not relax me. But I know that is a big favorite of a lot of people. And believe me, because I have listened to them, they sound very real.

One of my favorite types of relaxing music is the kind where there isn't a lot of noise... but you can hear crickets chirping. Those tracks remind me of a peaceful Kansas evening. So you can see how even with natural music, you'll begin to acquire your own taste.

Same thing with what I call "mood music". Mood music is mostly instrumental, however, every now and then I come across a track with some vocals on it.

My current favorite is Eckhart Tolle's Music to Quiet the Mind icon

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There are a lot of choices out there for this type of music.

So my suggestion would be, once you figure out what kind of instruments or beats you like, try to find an entire CD with that same theme.

For example, I found myself feeling really peaceful when I listened to relaxing music tracks that included the Native American Flute. So, I went out and bought a CD that used that instrument on every track.

That way, I can simply put the CD in, push play, and close my eyes... I don't need to fiddle around trying to find the track I like.

Can you use rock music or other types of music for stress relief?

relaxing music

Absolutely. It's all about your mood. I have days when I don't want to relax, I'm angry and I need an angry song. So, I have a standard "go-to" song on my iPod for that purpose. Know what you like and know when that particular song or track will work.

What if you never have a single moment alone to listen to relaxing music?

Think outside the box... or outside the home. A lot of people have a decent commute to work in the morning. And a lot of those people are stressed out.

Use this time to your advantage. In fact, when you are stressed, use every single moment of alone time to your advantage. Get CD's to keep in your car, or buy a connector to hook up your mp3 player in the car. Do whatever you have to do.

If you have your own office at work and can get away with playing music on low volume, take advantage of that.

At home, keep a radio in your bathroom or even your shower if you have to. Find a radio station that plays the kind of music you like. Even if it isn't playing the exact songs you think you need to hear, if they play music that is generally pleasing to your taste it can certainly help lift your mood.

Using relaxing music (or any music) to relieve stress is probably going to be one of the easier ways for you to help yourself get back on the right track. You may already have everything you need.

And you don't just have to listen... remember to occasionally dance and sing too.

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