Sept 2010: More Updates

by Jill R.

Checkin' out the Neighbors

Checkin' out the Neighbors

Checkin' out the Neighbors Kai is a Perfect Gentleman Patches made her own Bed Still Checkin' out the Neighbors

Sunday, Sept 12th, 2010:

"There have been a lot of noticeable changes in Kai & Patches since the over-night and since they got their new stuff. Most notable is their energy level. Right before this started, we could tell that they were starting to feel the stress of kennel life. While Kai was more vocal about his feelings, Patches was simply becoming listless and apathetic. But these days, they both always seem to act as if they can't wait to find out what's going to happen next... which is very exciting to see.

Tonight two of the other employees are going for a run together and will be taking Kai and Patches along for the first time! This is possible thanks to the donations because they now both have their own leash and appropriate collars/harnesses. I'm sure they'll have a lot of fun and sleep very well tonight! That's about all the updates I have today but there will definitely be more surprises in store for these two wonderful dogs and I'll keep you updated. Thanks again for your support!"

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

"I received a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday. It was an extremely generous package of homemade gourmet treats for Kai & Patches! It came with a card expressing her gratitude on everything we've done to help these dogs get through the deployment of their mother. It was actually a very touching card and was much appreciated. I just got back from visiting Kai & Patches and delivering their treats to them and I could tell that they LOVED them :) I'm so grateful for everything that everyone has done for these dogs and their mother.

So a BIG thanks goes out to Sandy Harper who makes these treats for "Paws for a Cause" and the proceeds go to the Kansas Humane Society."

Monday, September 20th, 2010

"I wanted to give a quick update on Kai & Patches, but first I need to be sure to give more credit to folks that have stepped up to offer additional support for this family.

Randie from Crown Trophy in Derby, KS made these beautiful name plates - one each for Kai & Patches. Initially the intention was to put them on their beds, but ultimately, I decided they were too nice and didn't want to risk them being chewed up! So I had another idea... I purchased a rubbermaid container and put the name plates on either end (I wish I would have taken a picture) to hold their leashes & harnesses and such... because when their mom comes to pick them up, they'll be leaving with a lot more than they showed up with and she'll have a nice place to keep their things. So thank you Randie!

In addition to that, we received an incredible cash donation from: the Derby VFW Post #7253, The American Legion Post #408, and The American Legion Riders #408. This donation was given in support for the mother of Kai and Patches and will be used to cover some of the cost to board them. How amazing is that?! A BIG thanks goes out to those groups... I'm sure their mother is going to be surprised and very grateful for your support!

Okay, so another update on the kiddos. Last update I told you that 2 of the other girls were going to take them running. When we were getting them ready, we realized that Kai would also benefit from a harness. He borrowed Gunner's harness that day and since then, we bought him one of his own. I heard that they had a fantastic time! Patches was stalking a bunny and Kai made two new doggy friends! And the girls who took them really enjoyed their time as well so the great news is that they've been out running twice now and it will happen again! Yippee!

Also, as my husband, Gunner, and I promised, we'll be inviting Kai and Patches over again for another over-night this Saturday! I'm already really anxious in anticipation! Thanks again to everyone who has supported these two and their mother. I can't wait until she comes to take them home... but goodness, I will miss them! Thanks again!"

Friday, September 24, 2010

"Another over-nighter with Kai & Patches at our home is scheduled for tomorrow! I can't wait :) I'll pick them up around noon and we're going to have a lot of fun... I think even Gunner is excited!

But here's some other great news... Kai & Patches' mother emailed the Kennel to check-in on her babies! So any moment now, she's going to read these posts and find out how generous all of you have been. Seriously, thanks to all of you who have supported us in making sure we can spoil them rotten! I'll add some new pictures of the pups tomorrow or Sunday."

Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Had Kai & Patches over last night... and of course they were perfect and we had a great time! But we're very tired today. The pics at the top of this page are from this visit and the video below is a fun one that was also taken during yesterday's visit. It was taken from my phone so that's why the quality isn't the best, but it's still super cute!"

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by: Wanda

be sure and take lots of pics of the sleepover!! Have fun everyone!!

by: Jeri

Hi Jill!

So excited about the great things that are happening for these two! Can't wait to see more pics of Kai & Patches!

love the little video clip
by: Anonymous

Just watched the clip of Gunner and Patches......hmmm I don't know, I think there may be a luv connection made there. tee heee

Want to Meet them???
by: Jill R.

We're having an Open House on Saturday, Oct 30th and we're looking for unique individuals or small businesses that want to have a booth to promote their pet-friendly products or services!

For all the details, please Please PLEASE check out this post:

Thanks AGAIN!

Jill R.

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